No passion without risk...

...leave the risk to us.


The areas surrounding the Arctic and Antarctic have always been a source of great fascination for man. But without the benefits of technology, man can barely exist in the extremes of these high latitudes.


Anyone who has had the opportunity to observe a master sushi chef practising his art will have marvelled at his manner, concentration and precision of movement as he meticulously selects and combines the right ingredients to create a masterpiece of exquisite gastronomy.


To be stylish is one thing; to be a style icon is something else. It requires boldness, character, imagination and innovation. Styles change, but the true icons of style, with their timeless charm, remain part of our heritage.

Tow Tank Lady

Coefficients, degrees of tolerance, centres of buoyancy and gravity, Froude numbers – mathematical formulae and assumptions are the bedrock of modern ship and yacht design, and the designer must factor in a seemingly endless array of calculations in his search for optimum performance.

Round the mark

The outcome of a race is often decided at the turn marker. This is where places are lost, places are gained and collisions often occur – the cards are reshuffled. To sail up to the buoy in windy conditions in a big race takes nerves, concentration and ruthlessness.


Following the instructions of the witch Circe, Odysseus' crew put molten wax in their ears to deafen themselves to the deadly allures of the sirens' chants.


She stands there silently. Every fibre of her body is an expression of pride, courage and concentration. A couple of deft movements with her left hand and a quick flick of the muleta soon provoke the bull into charging. In the pase de muerte, or pass of death, she will remain unstirred without flinching a millimetre.


Santiago, the hero from the Old Man and the Sea, probably would have loved the daiquiri cocktail. He would have even been able to afford it had he managed to bring that huge marlin back to dry land with him.


This is a familiar sight. We’ve seen it a million times in countless films and pictures of our society. I hand the yacht to the lady.


We are in the late Nineteenth Century. She is pensively viewing the yacht. Is the lady real? Or only in our imagination? Where is it possible to go bathing?


I notice a photo; a woman on a motorbike. Can she ride it? Does she want to ride it? Is it her bike? Is it comfortable? Naturally my Lady is on board. But the questions remain the same.

Homage to Madame X

In 1884 John Singer Sargent painted a portrait of the actress Verginie Gautreau. He called it ‘Madame X’ and throughout his life considered it his best ever painting.