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Charter Insurance

I have cancelled my charter trip with the tour operator/travel company. What happens to the charter package I booked?


We have agreed with the insurers involved that policies without claims can be cancelled at the beginning and that the entire premium will be refunded.

To process the refund, we need a written confirmation from the charter company of the cancellation or postponement of the charter, before the planned start date.

If one or more members of the charter crew fall ill with Covid-19, would the insurance cover it?


With the charter package, the cancellation or repatriation costs due to Covid-19 will be reimbursed.

Would this also include travel costs (airfare)?


Yes, in the event of illness before the start of the trip, the contractually owed cancellation costs for arrival and departure will also be reimbursed, unless your airline reimburses these costs because your flight itself was cancelled. If, on the other hand, the trip is cancelled, the additional return travel costs will be reimbursed.

Is quarantine an insured reason for trip cancellation and interruption?


A quarantine order without an established Covid-19 disease is not an insured reason for trip cancellation or trip interruption.

What if I neither meet nor reach the charter company/provider on site?


If the risk of insolvency was also included when taking out the insurance, the following applies: If the charter company is insolvent, you have charter price cover within the framework of the Basic to Premium charter packages, which will reimburse you for the corresponding costs up to the agreed sum.

I do not want to and cannot start my booked charter trip at the moment because there is an entry ban. Will the charter package reimburse me for the costs?


If you are unable to reach the location where your charter is intended to commence, due to an entry ban or other travel restrictions imposed by the governing authority in connection with the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are therefore unable to start or must cancel the planned trip, this is not an insured event within the scope of the travel cancellation costs of your charter insurance. In this case, please contact your airline and the charter provider directly in order to obtain a cancellation or postponement of the charter, if necessary.

My charter company has offered to postpone the trip indefinitely. Can I adjust the booked charter insurance package to reflect this?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the charter period of your existing policy, as the insurance contract is always related to the specific charter trip mentioned in the policy, including the travel dates and the ship. However, after consultation with the insurers involved, it is possible for us to cancel your charter package at the start and refund the entire premium to you, provided the policy is free of claims.

In this case, you can cancel the policy before the planned charter’s start date via your LOGIN and the cancellation button in your policy overview. In this case, the postponement must then be confirmed to Pantaenius via the provider.

If you have paid the premium by credit card, we require written confirmation from the charter company of the cancellation or postponement of the trip, as well as your bank details.

To ensure you are covered for the postponed cruise, don’t forget to purchase the charter insurance again once you decide on your travel dates.

What costs does the international travel health insurance cover in the event of quarantine and covid illness?


The international travel health insurance provides insurance cover for illnesses, accidents and other events specified in the contract, including cover for costs relating to Covid 19 illness.

Please note however that costs in connection with quarantine are not insured.

Is the insurance cover for the charter packages still valid, if I choose to start the cruise despite a travel warning?



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