Would you like a reduction on your insurance premium?

Dear yacht owner,

Recommend the products and services provided by Pantaenius to a fellow yacht owner and we will reward you with an attractive bonus. As a client of Pantaenius Spain, you already enjoy the many benefits of our hull and third-party liability insurance, and now we want to offer these same benefits to your friends, acquaintances and business partners.

How does it work?

Simply recommend Pantaenius Spain to a fellow yacht owner. If they then take out a hull or third-party liability insurance policy with us, you will receive a bonus equal to 10% of their new insurance premium.
More detailed information about this bonus offer can be found on the PDF „Participation Rules“.

Data protection

As we receive the data from you, you must ensure that the person has given his consent that his/her data can be passed on to us. Otherwise, you are solely responsible for claims of third parties for unsolicited contact against Pantaenius or the participating underwriters. Upon explicit request you have to be able to forward to us the written consent of the potential client.

In order to refer your friends to us, only the below contact form can be used.


I confirm that I have read and accept the participation rules and that I have received prior consent from the potential client to pass his/her personal data on to Pantaenius.


Object : "Introduce a Friend"

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