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Checklist: Burglar and theft protection made easy

Below you will find a practical and helpful checklist that will make it more difficult for thieves to get their hands on your property. Print it out and keep it with you on board as a handy reminder. Of course, this list does not claim to be fully exhaustive. Each boat owner has specific requirements but if you think we have missed a crucial step, feel free to contact us.

In the marina

  • Lock your yacht, even if you are only leaving it for a moment
  • Never 'hide' a key on board
  • Never write the name of your boat on the key
  • Lock/bolt storage lockers
  • Secure the outboard engine
  • Lock/secure hatches
  • Secure dinghies
  • Secure bikes
  • Remove and secure dinghy centreboards and oar blades if possible
  • When leaving the yacht, store sheets and removable fittings securely on board
  • Switch off the master switch
  • Always activate security systems, even if you will only be gone briefly
  • Regularly check that your security systems and their power supplies function correctly
  • Do not leave any valuable items (e.g. laptops and binoculars) on display below deck
  • Remove any loose accessories, e.g. plotters and fishfinders, when leaving the yacht
  • Hide expensive equipment with a plain covering
  • Remain alert in the marina and report anything unusual to the harbourmaster
  • Leave your contact details with the harbourmaster
  • Keep a copy of your serial numbers (e.g. hull and engine numbers) safely on land
  • Perform an inventory of your property and keep this on land

In winter storage

  • Select a secure place for winter storage, preferably somewhere fenced in, with exterior lighting and motion sensors
  • Empty the ship and securely store nautical items such as plotters, radar equipment, GPS, binoculars   and life jackets, e.g. in the cellar of your home
  • Stainless steel propellers are popular with thieves, so make sure you remove them and store them in a safe place
  • Always lock the yacht, hatches and storage lockers etc. during winter storage
  • Securely store tools and ladders and do not leave them lying around  


  • Do not leave trailers parked out in the open for prolonged periods
  • Always secure trailers appropriately, even when only being left for a short period
  • Always keep the trailer box locked
  • Always remove loose items, such as oar blades, when travelling on the road  

In the event of a claim

  • Contact the police immediately and report the incident
  • Inform your insurance company
  • In case of burglary, take measures to minimise damage
  • Take clear photos to support your claim (close-up images)
  • Make a list of stolen items and compare with your inventory
  • Pass on the serial numbers of the stolen items  
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