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Skipper Third Party Liability Insurance - Safety and Security for Skippers

As any skipper knows, it only takes a moment of inattention or one misjudged manoeuvre for an incident to occur.

When skippering a yacht that is not your own, the responsibility to yourself, your crew,  passengers and to third parties is just as great as if you were skippering your own yacht. But are you certain that you are covered?

Too often, the extent to which the insurance policy for a rented or chartered yacht may protect a skipper is only discovered after the fact, leaving skippers vulnerable to being held personally liable for potentially sizeable claims, particularly if cover transpires to be insufficient or non-existent.

It is for this reason that anyone embarking on a trip skippering a rented or chartered yacht should strongly consider taking extra precautions. With the UK’s market first Skipper Third Party Liability insurance, we help you to alleviate this responsibility/risk, ensuring you are protected from unexpected financial or legal burden as a consequence of accidental damage or injury to a third party. This policy comes into effect when the yacht’s own liability insurance either does not exist or cannot be applied.

Whilst the Pantaenius Skipper Third Party Liability policy is a personal insurance, crew members are also protected under this policy and are considered co-insureds.

Not only are your own legal liabilities for personal injury to, or death of your crew members covered, we’ve also extended our cover to include the legal liabilities of your crew, including their liability for personal injury or death of you or fellow crew members.

You and your crew also have legal liability cover for accidental water pollution.
In addition to the coverage of liability claims, we also account for the wider consequences of an incident such as, the potential financial risk should future charters be disrupted or cancelled, due to damage you or your crew cause to the chartered yacht.

You may even find yourself in a position where the yacht is arrested, a potential consequence when liability is in question. To ensure the best cover for you, the Pantaenius Skipper Third Party Liability policy can provide a security deposit of up to £100,000.00 should the yacht be detained.

If that wasn’t enough, for even greater protection, our policy will pay the reasonable costs of investigating, handling and settling disputes as well as defending you against unjustified claims.

Don’t get caught out.

Further information on this market first product can be found on www.pantaenius.co.uk/skipper

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