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** Pantaenius America Ltd. is a licensed insurance agent licensed in all 50 states. It is an independent corporation incorporated under the laws of New York and is a separate and distinct entity from any entity of the Pantaenius Group.

50% Savings on a One-Year DAN Boater Family Membership

We've partnered with DAN Boater to offer our clients a 50% discount an an annual DAN Family Membership. With more than 35 years of handling medical emergencies around the world, including more than 10,000 emergency medical evacuations, 40,000 emergency calls fielded, and 300,000 medical resource hours on duty, DAN knows how to keep you safe during your travels. Your DAN Boater membership provides these benefits:

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline
  • $150,000 Worldwide Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Repatriation (to Home Country)
  • Travel Medical Guides
  • Travel Assistance Services
  • Search & Rescue Expense Coverage

To take advantage of this half-price discount, visit www.DANBOATER.ORG/PAN

Once you've signed up, you will receive your membership card directly from DAN Boater.

A Complimentary Six-Month Membership in the Marinalife Cruising Club which includes:

  • Discounts on Fuel, Dockage, Service & Repairs- Up to 40% Off
  • Online Marina Reservation Services
  • Trip Planning and Access to Popular Cruise Itineraries
  • Fuel and Service & Maintenance Locator
  • Personalized Boating Profile
  • 1-year subscription to Marinalife Magazine and 1-year subscription to an additional leading marine publication
  • Ask the Captain — access to expert advice and tips from captains on a variety of topics

Signing up for this benefit is quick and easy. Just visit to provide your contact information, then watch the mail for your personalized membership card—and enjoy!


If you’re planning to take your yacht somewhere new, there’s a new service that can help you reach your destination safely and hassle-free. 

Think of Untold Horizon LLC as the “AAA of the Ocean,” offering personalized voyage plans to any destination of your choice—within the coastal United States, Caribbean, and Bahamas. “Our plans are designed around your experience, comfort, and type of vessel,” says Jeremy Dann, President of Untold Horizon LLC. “All plans are prepared by Merchant Mariners with years of experience at sea, so you can feel safe and get underway with confidence!”

Exclusive offer for Pantaenius Members: 5% Off All Plans, and Memberships

Untold Horizon LLC’s Voyage Plans Include: 

  • Float Plan 
  • Pre-departure checklist 
  • Information on marinas 
  • Recommended Route 
  • Local weather discussion 
  • Step by step guide with chart visuals for every waypoint 
  • Ports of refuge w/ detailed information on full service marinas and anchorages 
  • Contact list of harbor masters along route 
  • Emergency contacts 

For more information, visit or call (203) 980-9049.

Premiere Weather Services from Weather Routing Inc.

Pantaenius America has made it possible for our clients to enjoy a 15-day free trial (with no obligation to subscribe) to Weather Routing Inc.'s SeaWeather Service. This premium package offers access to weather charts, weather news and alerts to aid in trip planning-plus you’ll get access to a fishing planner to find hotspot areas for various fish species. You can also request forecasts through the SeaWeather mobile app, as well as view forecasts and meteograms you've already requested on the app. 

To access this benefit, simply go to and click on “15-day Free Trial.” 

SiriusXM 2-Month Trial of Marine Weather & Radio + $100 Rebate

Pantaenius America clients are now eligible for a free 2-month trial of SiriusXM marine weather and radio. SiriusXM Marine Weather provides up-to-date information and forecasts directly on your chartplotter/MFD. Since updates are delivered by satellite, you will have current situational awareness when you’re beyond the range of cellular networks up to 200 miles offshore of the contiguous US. SiriusXM Marine services allows boaters to:

  • Monitor storm fronts
  • Track lightning strikes
  • See wind speed/direction and wave height forecasts
  • Access Marine Zone Forecasts
  • Add over 150 channels of SiriusXM Satellite Radio

To start your trial, confirm that you have compatible hardware ($100 rebate available on new hardware), then call 1-877-283-6541 and ask for your “2-month marine trial”. To learn more about your 2-month trial or $100 rebate, visit or e-mail 

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