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* Pantaenius UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Authorised No.308688)

** Pantaenius America Ltd. is a licensed insurance agent licensed in all 50 states. It is an independent corporation incorporated under the laws of New York and is a separate and distinct entity from any entity of the Pantaenius Group.

Sea Transportation Insurance

Sailing and motor yachts are at risk during transport on board a freighter or container ship and adequate transport insurance is recommended. Pantaenius Sea Transport Insurance covers risks including the dangers involved with loading and unloading.

This all-risk cover also includes salvage and wreck removal costs and insurance protection against political risks such as war, strike and terrorism.

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No demarcation problems in the event of damage

It can be difficult to know whether damage is covered by transport or hull insurance.  If you decide to take both covers from Pantaenius you will be covered in both circumstances.

Important contacts

Thanks to over 50 years yacht insurance experience, Pantaenius provides you with important contacts with transport companies.

Your own Pantaenius Sea Transportation Insurance representative

You will have your own Pantaenius Sea Transportation Insurance representative who will see your claim through and protect your interests and priorities concerning your yacht insurance claim.

Worldwide loading checks

Loading checks can be requested.

Special Endorsements

Pantaenius America offers Special Endorsements for the following:
  • Downeast
  • Trawlers
  • Mikelson Yachts
  • Marina endorsements
  • Great Lakes special rates
  • Sports Fishing Tournament Endorsement


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Mexican Liability Coverage

Does Your Yacht Insurer Provide the Coverage Required to Cruise to Mexico? Pantaenius Does.

Did you know that yachts entering Mexico must have local liability coverage? This type of yacht liability insurance (in addition to your regular liability coverage) covers damages and injuries to third parties. Even if your U.S. policy includes extended coverage to Mexico, the Mexican authorities do not recognize it as valid.                                              

Most Mexican marinas require proof of this coverage to even dock or moor—and if you don't have it, your vessel can be seized! It is also legally required by Mexico's Federal Article 502, which states that a minimum Liability coverage must be provided by an insurance agency registered with the Mexican Department of Insurance. 

Beyond the possibility of incurring out-of-pocket liability for third-party damages, penalties for not having this required coverage can be severe—including possible fines or imprisonment.

Peace of Mind from Pantaenius
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An outstanding bilingual customer service team

readily available to assist your needs while in Mexico. 

Regatta Coverage

as well as coverage for water toys.

Increased legal coverage for Captains' protection

Most policies cover only $20,000 in legal protection. A Pantaenius Mexico insurance policy provides $40,000 in legal assistance. 

Deep Third Party Liability coverage

($50,000/$100,000/$100,000 and $100,000/$300,000/$100,000).

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