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Pantaenius America
Yacht Policy

You own a vessel 26’ and under?

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The Pantaenius America Yacht Policy covers your yacht 27 feet (8.23 meters) in length or greater for all your yachting risks.



In case of total or constructive total loss, you are insured for the agreed fixed value with no depreciation.

All risk policy

We cover broad marine risks without implied warranties of seaworthiness.

New for Old

If your vessel is damaged and needs new parts for repairs, Pantaenius will cover partial damage without depreciation, up to the agreed insurance sum.

Coverage for Latent Defects

We cover latent defects and physical damage or loss caused by latent defects.


for lightning, fire, total and constructive total loss. No special storm deductible for vessels above 30.5 degrees North Latitude.

Broad and Worldwide Navigations

available regardless of your vessel’s registration, flag ownership or crew nationality.


We cover your liability to third parties and environmental damage.

Exclusion of Implied Warranties of Seaworthiness

Unlike its competitors, Pantaenius America will not use the harsh terms of Absolute Implied Warranty of Seaworthiness to deny coverage.

Other Highlights
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Wear and Tear
Comprehensive Coverage
Wreck removal costs
Pleasure Charter*
Longshore and Harbor Workers' Act
Jones Act
Substitute vessel coverage*
Salvage costs
Mopeds and motorbikes
Emergency Tow
Uninsured and Underinsured boaters
Medical expense coverage for guests and family
30-day insurance coverage for new boats
Bottom inspection after grounding

Wear and Tear

Resulting damages arising from wear and tear are covered. 

Pleasure Charter

Unlimited pleasure Charter available. *

Jones Act

Coverage for paid crew (Jones Act) is available.

Salvage costs

Salvage costs included in addition to the declared hull value with no deductible. 

Emergency Tow

Emergency tow without physical loss is included with no deductible. 

Medical expense coverage for guests and family

Medical expense coverage is included for guests and family injured aboard.

Bottom inspection after grounding

Coverage for bottom inspection after grounding with no deductible.


* Options available 

Comprehensive Third Party Liability

(Hull and Primary Indemnity Protection) Comprehensive Third Party Liability is always included, and paid crew coverage and charter protection is also available.

Wreck removal costs

Wreck removal costs are covered to the extent of the policy liability limits. 

Longshore and Harbor Workers' Act

The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Act is included.

Substitute vessel coverage

Substitute vessel coverage is available.

Mopeds and motorbikes

Mopeds and motorbikes are covered. 

Uninsured and Underinsured boaters

Uninsured and Underinsured boaters for personal injury coverage included in the policy. 

30-day insurance coverage for new boats

Automatic 30-day insurance coverage for new boats purchased by the insured

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