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** Pantaenius America Ltd. is a licensed insurance agent licensed in all 50 states. It is an independent corporation incorporated under the laws of New York and is a separate and distinct entity from any entity of the Pantaenius Group.

What is All-Risk Insurance?

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All-risk insurance under the Pantaenius America Yacht Policy (“PAYP”) covers the insured against all accidental risks of physical loss or damage to the insured property caused by a sudden, unexpected, and fortuitous event or an accident to which this insurance applies and which happens within the insured period.  (Please note that other types of extra coverage may apply under the PAYP to a loss or expense and exclusions to coverage may apply.)

What does “Agreed Fixed Value” mean?

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The Limits stated under “Hull Coverage” on the declaration sheets of your policy are the “Agreed Fixed Values” for the listed items of insured property, e.g., your yacht, tender, or personal property.  These are fixed sums for which your yacht and the other property are insured under the PAYP, as agreed upon between you and Pantaenius America, and represent the maximum amount of coverage for a total loss of the respective property. The “Total Agreed Fixed Value” stated on the declaration sheets is the total insured value of all insured property covered by the policy.  One of the many advantages with the PAYP, is that there is no depreciation applied to coverage for partial or total losses. 

Where can I find my Cruising Area? What if I need to change it?

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We understand that cruising plans may change along your journey. It is imperative that your vessel is within the Cruising Area stated on the declaration sheets of your policy to ensure there is no interruption in cover. The stated Cruising Area represents the navigational and geographical limits of coverage under your policy.  If the Cruising Area stated on the declaration sheets of your policy will not meet your upcoming cruising itinerary, please email us at, and we will endeavor to provide you with an Endorsement Quotation that reflects the new cruising needs you describe to us. Upon written acceptance of that Endorsement Quotation and any required documentation that may be needed, we will endorse your policy accordingly.

How is my trailer insured?

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A trailer for the insured vessel(s) is considered Insured Property if coverage is requested. We will list the trailer specifications and the Agreed Fixed Value for the trailer on the declaration sheets of the policy.

Are salvage costs covered?

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Salvage costs arising out of covered losses are covered under the PAYP in addition to the Agreed Fixed Value of the hull.

How is my tender and outboard covered?

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Tenders and outboard engines must be listed on the policy declaration sheets to be covered. If you would like to add a tender and outboard to your policy,  please send an email to us at noting the make, model and value breakdown for hull and engine, and they can be added to the policy as insured property by Endorsement.

Is winter storage included in the policy?

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Yes, we understand that the vessel may not be used year-round. All customary stays of the insured vessel(s), its contents, and its tenders on land (e.g., while at a dry-dock for maintenance or in winter storage) are covered within the policy. (Note that the geographical coverage limits of policy’s stated “Cruising Area” applies to insured property even when on land.)

How do I make changes to my policy?

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We are more than happy to assist you with any changes that you may need to make on your policy. All changes are required to be in writing, so please send your request to us at If you would like to speak to an underwriter regarding the change you want to make, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (914) 381-2066.

I’ve sold my yacht. What happens with my policy?

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If you’ve entered into an agreement to sell your yacht, please email with this information as soon as possible because under the terms and conditions of your policy, the policy will automatically terminate when ownership is transferred. We will send you a Cancellation Form to be completed and returned to us along with a copy of the Bill of Sale/Purchase Agreement to evidence the transfer of ownership. 

Can the purchaser take over the policy?

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Your policy cannot be transferred to the new owner. If the buyer of your yacht inquires about your yacht insurance provider, we always appreciate the referral! The buyer can contact us directly, and we will gladly assist them with obtaining an insurance quotation from us for their new yacht. 

Please note that the foregoing is not intended to be and shall not be construed as terms or conditions of any policy issued or legal interpretations as to the meaning of any policy terms or conditions. Please read your entire policy carefully and consult your attorney for any legal advice or interpretation.

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