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Pantaenius Helpline

You can contact us via phone

Monday till Friday 9h to 17h: +34 971 70 86 73/4

In case of emergency 24/7: +34 971 70 86 72

Yacht Insurance


In the event of an incident which may give rise to a claim please act as if you were uninsured. At the earliest
safe opportunity, please report the incident to us so that we may provide you with appropriate advice. If you
wish to speak to us, please call our Helpline number.

The check list below is not exhaustive but please do follow it as best you can in the circumstances:

  • Do everything possible to minimise the damage.
  • Notify the Pantaenius claims department as soon as possible, giving a contact phone number and email address.
  • Take photographs and notes of any damage or material evidence and send them to us.
  • In cases of theft, vandalism, explosion or fire, notify the Police as well as ourselves – and you must get a Police Incident number or a copy of the report.
  • Always provide us with estimates.
  • Submit a detailed description of the damage.
  • Do not agree on any fixed costs for salvage. Use the Lloyds Open Form which offers you and the insurers some legal protection against unscrupulous salvers.
  • In cases of collision with a third party, provide us with the name and address of the other party and their insurers. If possible draft an incident report signed by both parties.
  • Never assume liability to third parties.
  • If your insurers appoint a surveyor to assess the damage, we recommend that you be present.
  • Collect all invoices and submit them to us for prompt settlement.

Pantaenius has a reputation for settling claims fairly and quickly which we are proud of, so please help us to help you and safeguard your investment.

Claim forms

Crew Medical Insurance

What to do if you are in need of normal medical treatment?
  • In-Patient claims /claims likely to exceed €3.250/$4.250/£2.500/ medical evacuation/repatriation:

    Please contact the International 24-hour Helpline on +49 40 37091-355 or crew-claims@pantaenius.com before the treatment commences (but see “Urgencies” below).
  • All other medical claims:

    You may visit a professionally registered medical practitioner of your choice. Send the paid original invoices, prescriptions and receipts to MAI Medical Administrators International together with the completed claim form, on which you will find their contact details.

    For any questions, please contact the International 24-hour Helpline on +49 40 37091-355 or crew-claims@pantaenius.com
  • Urgencies:

    Please contact the International 24-hour Helpline on +49 40 37091-355 or crew-claims@pantaenius.com within 72 hours of the commencement of treatment to ensure all emergency treatment is covered.

  • All requests regarding In-patient claims and/or urgent assistance/pre authorisation:
    24-hour Helpline: +49-40-37091-355
    E-mail: crew-claims@pantaenius.com
  • Claims administration (for Out-Patient and already registered claims)
    Telephone: +49-40-37091-355

What can you do if you suffer a work-related accident?

If you suffer a work-related accident, please ask your employer to contact Pantaenius. We will check if Employer's Liability cover is in place.

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