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Optimal insurance cover for your boat

Take the safe course: By taking out the right insurance, you not only protect your own boat, but also yourself against liability for damage caused to third parties. Our bespoke insurance solutions take your individual requirements into account ensuring you always have the best possible protection on board!

Hull Insurance

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Most common claims

Collision - Whether it be with another boat, a log or even a whale… collisions occur A LOT. Collisions are definitely the claim we see most and the damage suffered as a result can range from minimal to extreme. You may be lucky enough to get away with a scrape but you could also end up with a decent sized hole or may even find yourself being held responsible for the damages to another person’s boat or property.

Customer Feedback

Over 100,000 boat owners worldwide place their trust in Pantaenius and enjoy the peace of mind that our unique and comprehensive policy provides. Their reasons for choosing Pantaenius are varied.

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John Barrett

When I really needed them, they were there. Professional, courteous, sympathetic and helpful. I was given help and support from first contact and my claim was dealt with quickly and with without fuss. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Aisling Hassell

Pantaenius is a great company to work with for boat insurance. I always found them very responsive and helpful. Thankfully we never had to file a claim but they were very prompt in handling adjustments and updates to our policy. I would highly recommend them.

Richard Naylor

We had a lightning strike in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The assistance we received from Pantaenius was first class. This is my first claim ever since the 1975. While I have been involved with many claims as a marine surveyor. My personal and professional opinion remains the same. First Class Thank you

Александр Каклюгин

I 'm sailing for about 40 years. For the last ten years my insurance company is Pantaenius. My experience shows me the company is perhaps the best insurance company on the sea. First, Pantaenius always broadly interprets his duties in favor of the client. And secondly - Pantaenius comes to the rescue immediately. You often cannot quickly contact the company yourself, at sea this is not always possible, but Pantaenius will always help promptly. Being at sea you understand that Pantaenius will always help. If you choose an insurance company - Pantaenius is the best choice!

Sailing Requin

We are a small boat but we were treated like a super yacht. Pantaenius were quick to respond and walk me through the claims process answering any questions I had. They were quick to settle any bills and get us afloat as quick as possible.

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