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Hull Insurance

Yacht Hull Insurance from Pantaenius covers you for total loss and partial damage to your yacht.


Pantaenius offers an All Risk Policy for your yacht’s hull, machinery, equipment and gear. Cover is extended to tenders, outboards and other personal effects used in conjunction with the yacht.


Unlike many other yacht insurers who insure market values, we can provide an Agreed Fixed Value policy. The agreed sum insured will be reimbursed to you in case of a total loss with no deduction.


Pantaenius settles partial losses up to the insured value without any deductions. If selected, damage to equipment and gear will be replaced with new models at no deduction to you, "New for Old".

Take matter into your own hands, help protect our oceans!

Our playground, the ocean, covers 71% of the planet and is home to endless ecosystems which we rely heavily on for all facets of life. As vast and invincible as our oceans may seem, they are actually incredibly delicate and are constantly affected by the daily choices of humans. Whilst you may not single-handedly be able to save our oceans, every decision you make can have an impact for the better or the worse. Read on to find out how you can make a positive impact on the place we all love most.

Most common claims

Collision - Whether it be with another boat, a log or even a whale… collisions occur A LOT. Collisions are definitely the claim we see most and the damage suffered as a result can range from minimal to extreme. You may be lucky enough to get away with a scrape but you could also end up with a decent sized hole. On the other end of the spectrum you may also be held responsible for the damages to another person’s boat or property.

What our clients say about us

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Mark Rutherford

I gave the guys a different scenario. I have a boat in Sydney insured by Pantaenius and one in the USA insured through the USA system. I was not happy with USA practices so asked Pantaenius to look at my USA boat. It took just two days of simple website and email interaction to get equal cover at a lower rate with a company I already trusted. It felt like coming home.

Jonathan Clakhurst

The only insurers I could find with International experience. I was amazed at how hard it is to get insurance for boats sailing in international waters. Pantaenius was the only ones I could find who seemed to understand sail boats and could talk to me in detail about how the policies work in foregn countries and the experience they have had managing claims in some pretty remote places. A big thanks to James and Sean for being so patient with me. I couldn't see that there would be many other choices if you want to have peace of mind with your insurers.

Dougall Roberts

It was great to finally talk to someone who knew and cared about boats. My sales manager James explained that he was a fellow boat owner and enthusiast which immediately made me feel extremely comfortable to discuss my needs with someone who actually cared. We were able to identify the correct policy which would suit my needs. I couldn't reccomend Pantaenius and James for their support and expertise when it comes to boating!!

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