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I have sold my boat, what happens with my policies?


If you have sold your boat, please inform us immediately by sending us a purchase agreement or transfer certificate by post or by email. Your policies will then be cancelled and settled upon transfer of ownership.

Can the purchaser take over my policies?


The policies cannot be transferred directly. In the case of existing yacht hull insurance/yacht liability insurance, temporary insurance cover is provided for the purchaser for one month from the date of transfer of ownership. For hull insurance, the purchase price specified in the purchase agreement applies, however up to a maximum of the previous sum insured (agreed fixed value). The purchaser will also receive an insurance recommendation, so they can take out new policies.

Can I lend my boat to friends?


Pantaenius hull insurance also covers friends and family, so it is fine to lend your boat on a non-commercial basis.

Are salvage and wreck removal costs covered?


Salvage and wreck removal costs are covered without any cap or deductible.

My boat is kept on land in the winter - can I limit my cover?


Over 50 years of processing claims has shown us that boat owners often underestimate the risks of winter storage in particular. Normal hull insurance cover is provided during winter storage. This insures you against damage caused by theft, fire and even environmental influences such as force majeure.

The winter storage operator disclaims liability in the contract - can I sign?


This kind of winter storage contract is relatively common and does not generally pose a problem for Pantaenius. In any case however, you must contact us before you sign such a contract in order to make sure that the gap in cover caused by the waiver of recourse, vis-à-vis the winter storage operator, is closed by the boat hull insurance.

What is All-Risks Cover?


The term ‘all-risks cover’ describes a cover principle of insurance policies that covers all conceivable damage – except for any damage explicitly defined as an exclusion. Therefore, anything that is not specified in the exclusions is automatically covered. Compared to insurance based on specific risks, this type of insurance cover makes it easier to understand the risks covered because a list of exclusions is generally less extensive than a list of covered risks.

What does "Agreed Fixed Value" mean?


The agreed fixed value is the fixed sum insured for your yacht as agreed between you and Pantaenius. In the event of a total loss, you will receive this sum without any deductions, meaning that you are then able to buy a new boat of equal value. Unlike many of our competitors, this sum insured cannot be disputed in the event of a total loss because it relates to a replacement value.

What is the mandatory insurance by law for Greece and which yachts/boats are obliged to have insurance?


According to the law 4926/2022, all pleasure boats and tourist commercial vessels of  < 300 GT are required to have a minimum third party liability cover for bodily injury or death, property damage and marine pollution caused by collision, collision, wreck or any other cause constituting a maritime accident.

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