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Precautions for heavy weather


Most storm damage is due to collisions caused by torn mooring lines or slipping anchors. The vessel starts drifting, hits the pier or collides  with adjacent boats. Therefore, anyone, who leaves their vessel unattended in the marina for a lengthy period is strongly advised to make the necessary arrangements for heavy weather beforehand.

Vessels moored in the marina and anchored vessels

The easiest thing is to ask the harbour master or the owner of the neighbouring vessel to occasionally inspect the lines and the fendering. Basic points to look out for include sufficient dimensioning of the mooring lines and fenders, a secure berth, as well as the local weather and current conditions and the tidal range. The careful selection of an anchorage area is also important: crucial factors include the distance to shore and location in a sheltered bay. In the case of anchored vessels, you should regularly inspect anchors, anchor chains and anchoring equipment for wear and ensure that they are working correctly. If, when anchoring, you pay attention to the water depth and chain length, regularly check the position and set up an anchor watch, you will have taken the correct precautions.

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