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Frequently asked questions

We do everything to keep our products transparent and our service convenient. Sometimes, however, questions remain open. Here, we have put together the most frequently asked ones.

What time restrictions are there to bear in mind when booking charter insurance?


The application for insurance coverage can only be made within 21 days of signing the charter application or no less than 30 days before the start of the voyage. The additional bond insurance “Bond plus” can be applied for right up to the date of the voyage.

When does the insurance coverage come into effect?


Trip cancellation insurance comes into effect on the date listed in the insurance policy, whereas travellers’ health insurance comes into effect upon crossing the border. In all other cases the insurance will come into effect as soon as the charter voyage begins.

How long does the insurance coverage last?


The cover is valid for the skipper and a maximum of nine other crew members for a journey lasting a maximum of 28 days.

When does the insurance expire?


Travellers’ health insurance expires upon completion of the time spent abroad, and in accordance with the maximal insurance term of 28 days. In the other categories, the insurance coverage ends upon completion of the charter stint.

Who is not covered by the insurance?


Persons who are domiciled in the European Union, United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, Norway or Iceland can be insured.


For fiscal/legal reasons, no policy holders are permitted to be permanent residents or citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) or Italy. Such persons may, however, be covered as crew members or skippers. The insurance only extends to the private use of the yacht by the charterer. Skippers who are embarking on voyages for reasons other than sport or leisure are not covered by the insurance.

Can I cancel my charter insurance?


You may withdraw the contract within 14 days with no explanation required (i.e. via letter, fax, or e-mail). This is outlined in section six of the General customer Information.

Can I switch from one charter policy to another?


Your charter insurance must be withdrawn within 14 days of purchase, only then can you select a different policy. After 14 days it is no longer possible to change policies.

We are planning on taking more than ten people with us on board. Will we need additional charter policies?


One non-commercial skipper and a maximum of nine crew members can be insured in one charter insurance package. If more than these ten people are to be insured, this is only possible by taking out an additional charter package. You are welcome to combine different packages for this purpose.

Please note: The insured sums of the travel cancellation costs, deposit and skipper's liability insurances are then added together; however, the maximum total sum for the travel cancellation costs insurance is EUR 40,000. Sums insured exceeding this value cannot be insured through our packages.

The individual person's share of the charter costs is determined according to the lump sum system, but is limited in the total sum to the sum insured of the respective package.

Can I make changes to the crew list during the voyage?


No. When it comes to the crew list, any and all additions, changes and deletions can be made online up to one day before the start of the voyage. Please be sure to fill out the crew list completely. Only crew members who are listed by name are considered to be covered.

I don't have a full crew yet, can I still buy a charter policy?


Yes, when it comes to the crew list, any and all additions, changes and deletions can be made online up to one day before the start of the voyage, or as you become aware of them.

Is it possible to insure a berth charter?


No, the coverage is valid only for policies in which the entire yacht is chartered (no berth charters).

Are visitors insured?


No, it is not possible to apply for insurance coverage for visitors.

Does the policy holder also have be the skipper?


No, not necessarily.

Does the policy holder have to be on board?


No the policy holder does not necessarily have to be a member of the crew.

Are salvage costs included in the insurance?


Salvage costs are included in the skipper’s liability insurance, so long as they take the form of liability claims. Please remember that the skipper’s liability insurance is a subsidiary coverage, meaning that it comes into effect only when other insurances do not, for instance the ship’s liability insurance.

Is hotel accommodation covered before or after the voyage?


Hotel accommodation is not covered before nor after the voyage. However, in the event of a claim, hotel and transportation costs will be reimbursed up to EUR 1,000.

What happens if the skipper is unable to sail?


If the skipper is unable to sail for whatever reason, a complete cancellation of the charter voyage is covered. In the case that the co-skipper is unable to sail, coverage is only extended in cases where the charter cannot legally be boarded without the co-skipper named on the crew list being present, as is the case in Greece. In both cases, an effort should be made to find a replacement.


What happens if a crew member is unable to sail?


If one or more crew members are unable to sail, their partial charter costs as well as the cancellation costs for their transport to and from are covered.

Does Pantaenius penalise for underinsurance in the Bond Plus insurance?


No, Pantaenius won't penalise you for under insurance in the bond insurance. Unlike many of our competitors, we reimburse the agreed sum in case your security deposit is withheld by the charter fleet operator even if the actual deposit sum exceeds the sum insured in your Bond Plus insurance.

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