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Whether a manoeuvrable stand-up or a comfortable three-seater - with our jet ski insurances, nothing stands in the way of carefree time on the water. Simply search for your jet ski in the database and take out insurance online.

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Coverage details for our jet ski insurance policies

Our liability insurance for jet skis covers property damage, personal injury and pecuniary damages. The hull insurance for jet skis covers partial damage as well as total loss of the jet ski and the sum insured is agreed with you when the level of cover is agreed.

Your benefits

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All-round protection for your jet ski

We will provide insurance cover for your jet ski, including machinery. Partial damage is covered without deductions New for Old, minus any residual values. Any trailer or platform can also be insured.

Land transports also insured

On the road a lot? That’s no problem with our jet ski hull insurance. Land transport is automatically included. Also included: slip and crane operations, winter storage, shipyard and repair stays.

Safe from third parties

Have you damaged another watercraft? With our jet ski liability insurance, you have wid-ranging protection in the event of pecuniary damages, personal injury or property damage.

Additional protection

As Europe's leading specialist for insurance of all types for watercrafts, we are happy to offer you special accident and legal protection insurance. For example, you will receive protection in the event of accidents resulting in disability or contractual disputes.


Why jet ski liability insurance?


No one should be using or transporting water sports crafts without liability insurance. The reason for this is simple: As the operator of a boat or a jet ski, you are liable with all your private assets for damages you culpably cause to third parties. These costs can quickly amount to thousands of euros or more – as you can imagine, in the case of personal injury, the costs are hardly calculable, unlike the incurred cost of damage to the jet ski itself. Other cases of damage, for example due to the contamination of waters, should also be considered. Since the insurance premium for jet ski liability insurance is comparatively low, it is simply not worth taking the risk of an uninsured liability claim.

By the way: With Pantaenius liability insurance for jet skis, you automatically receive skipper liability insurance. This covers liability risks in the event that you rent or hire a water sports vehicle.

Why jet ski hull insurance?


If you’ve invested in a jet ski, you’ll want to protect this investment. At the same time, however, the vehicle is exposed to a whole range of dangers on the water, which unfortunately cannot always be prevented by taking reasonable care or driving with foresight. Collisions with the neighbouring renter, accidents when loading the jet ski onto a trailer or a fire in the winter storage hall are just a few cases in which Pantaenius jet ski hull insurance provides cover. In addition, our jet ski hull insurance also gives the option to include trailers, platforms or so-called floating docks in the insurance cover. Partial damage is compensated after deduction of any achievable residual values without further deductions according to the principle of new for old. In the event of a total loss, the current value of the jet ski will be reimbursed, taking into account any achievable residual values.

By the way: Our hull insurance for jet skis is an annual policy. Damage that occurs during stays in the shipyard or winter storage is therefore also covered. This is particularly important because in the water sports sector, unlike with cars, the principle of fault-based liability applies. In concrete terms, this means that a liability claim against third parties only exists if the damage caused to you was actually culpable. For example, if a fire occurs in your winter storage facility because the neighbouring jet ski or boat suffers an electrical defect without any culpable action on the part of the owner, you as the injured party have no legal claim to compensation. In such a case, the loss of your jet ski can only be compensated by a corresponding hull insurance.

Why jet ski personal accident insurance?


As the driver or rider of a jet ski, you are exposed to many risks on the water, as are any passengers you are carrying. However, accident-related consequences such as disability or death are not covered by private accident insurances in this case due to the increased risk that comes with jet ski use. Pantaenius has developed a wide-ranging insurance solution especially for the needs of water sports users. In addition to compensation in the event of disability or death, the jet ski personal accident insurance also covers costs for sea rescue or search as well as emergency medical costs abroad. If you already have private accident insurance, it is best to check the insurance conditions carefully. Not everyone needs special jet ski passenger accident insurance but, in most cases, it makes sense.

By the way: You also benefit from jet ski personal accident insurance as the driver of a rented or chartered watercraft. You and your guests on board are thus also protected on the next charter trip under the same conditions that apply when operating your insured jet ski.

Why jet ski legal expenses insurance?


You know the saying: being right and getting right are not always the same thing. It is particularly annoying when this turns out to be the case precisely when expensive investments are at stake. For example, because the jet ski dealer could not keep an agreement or the commissioned repair company refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of a mishap. Unfortunately, however, many private legal protection insurances do not cover disputes in connection with boats or jet skis. Pantaenius has developed a special legal expenses insurance for water sports for precisely such cases. If you already have a private legal protection insurance, you should check whether it includes the jet ski in the areas of criminal and administrative offences, tax and administrative legal protection as well as contract law and compensation for damages.

By the way: As always, the following applies to this insurance: If the need has already arisen, it is too late to take out cover. Retroactive protection is not possible. However, unlike most private legal expenses insurances, we do not require the usual waiting period of three months for contract law protection.

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