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What to expect

Our reputation


German Quality

With now 100,000 clients, Pantaenius is the leading yacht insurance provider in Europe.

We are well known by yacht owners, crew and the yachting industry as a whole for our dedication to the yachting industry and for our professional service. When coming onboard with Pantaenius your clients are buying into the highest professional standards of yachting insurance with a company which has over a 100 years of experience and has its head offices in Hamburg.

Pantaenius has built its reputation on solid German origins, a dynamic staff and an efficient computer system. Here at Pantaenius we prioritise quality and customer care. Our partners are some of the most prestigious yachting companies in the world. Working with Pantaenius is not only a business opportunity but also an advantage.

The Pantaenius Network

Pantaenius offices are found in Hamburg, Monaco, Plymouth, Skive (Denmark), Vienna, Palma de Mallorca, Malmö, New York and Australia. We can offer yachting clients an excellent and diverse range of yacht insurance products. Pantaenius has developed a web of more than 26,000 associates all over the world in the 40 years in yacht insurance. These contacts will be invaluable to find solutions for your clients’ needs, and in case of any claim.

Our Engagements

Pantaenius can offer you an insurance partner who is efficient and reliable and can keep a promise. We are efficient and can send policy documents quickly. We are very faithful when it comes to our privileged partners who bring us good contacts and repeat business.

International Agency


Our Multilingual Team

Pantaenius has a professional international team to provide boat insurance to your clients. Our Monaco office today employs 25 staff, comprising of 8 different nationalities and speaking 6 different languages. Pantaenius provides multilingual solutions for your international clients and their piece of mind. Working with our insurance brokers will be your pleasure.

Multilingual Insurance Documentation

Pantaenius insurance policies, insurance clauses, brochures and documentation exist in three languages (English, French and Italian). Our professional and friendly staff are available to support your clients in their native tongue. As many of our clients like explanations in their own languages Pantaenius has set up a multilingual offering to reach their needs.

High performing data processing


Advanced Computing System

Pantaenius boasts a new IBS (Insurance Business Server) software that is tailor made for our mutual insurance needs. This groundbreaking insurance software can produce a standard multilingual yacht insurance quote offer very quickly. Any policy documents can be made available the same day, and invoices come the next day. Pantaenius can handle a substantial number of boat insurance quotations quickly and efficiently.

The Special Enquiry Web Link for Yacht Brokers, Dealers and Insurance Brokers

To make the most of our advanced systems clients can use our special enquiry web link. We send you an enquiry form including your company’s ID and logo. By filling this form, which has been tagged by our IT specialists with an ID code, you can introduce your yacht’s details directly into the IBS system, which will print out an offer in minutes. Our office staff will check the form in the meantime.

This link can be added to a page of your website and visitors following your form will be tagged as your clients. This referral system allows up to send an offer direct to your client and acknowledge your company as the source.

Benefits for your clients


Financial Security

Pantaenius offers clients the highest financial security by insuring their vessel for the agreed fixed value. Pantaenius gives clients maximum financial security by underwriting their vessel for the agreed fixed value. Our efficient claims system ensures you are reimbursed without unnecessary delay.


Pantaenius works with the utmost confidentiality. Pantaenius guarantees that no information will leak to third parties, unless required by Monegasque law. Our offshore company experience benefits our international yachting clients. If you wish to receive more information about Pantaenius, or if you would like to include our unique and valuable enquiry link, please contact us with more information about your business and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.

PANTAENIUS - a reliable partner
How important is certainty and peace of mind…

of experience guarantee an exclusive service approach and the most efficient claims management when you need it most.


already place their trust in us and make Pantaenius the leading yacht insurance provider in Europe.


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