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The standard for every owner - boat liability insurance

Today, the market offers a multitude of different products and a reputable supplier like Pantaenius helps to determine your individual needs. The boat liability insurance should be an essential part of your standard insurance package. Even if boat liability is not mandatory in some countries, boat owners are liable with their entire assets for damages they culpably cause to a third party through the use of their boat.

Such liability claims can arise from various scenarios but they are not covered by private liability insurance. A separate boat liability insurance is therefore necessary and strongly recommended to every owner, regardless of the value of the boat.

Preserving values - hull insurance

In addition to liability insurance, it is well worth taking out hull insurance in almost all cases. This covers damage to the boat itself and also, depending on the quality of the conditions, salvage or inspection costs. Pantaenius insures boats and yachts on the basis of all risks cover and also offers a fixed insurance value, which is reimbursed in the event of a total loss. This fixed value cannot be contested, as it is formulated as new value insurance.

Many providers on the market advertise with similar conditions, but owners should beware of particularly cheap boat insurances. As so often the case, the devil is in the details. In the light of falling market prices for used boats, a deduction of the market value in the event of a total loss usually means a considerable financial loss. Instead of considering the market value, yacht owners should agree on a fixed sum in their insurance policy where possible, which in the event of an eligible total loss, would be paid without deduction of the current market value and therefore enables the refinancing of an equivalent boat.

Depending on the age and condition of the vessel, the insurer may advise you to cover the current market value, as the premium of an insurance policy based on the replacement value does not only cover the total loss but also covers partial losses. However, if the value of the boat is already under a certain level, the premium for such a comprehensive hull insurance is then no longer worthwhile.

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Observe exclusions and the “small” print

When it comes to exclusions, yacht owners should take a close look. An example: Abrasion or normal wear and tear are generally excluded from hull insurance cover. But what about consequential damages? If the mast breaks because of an old spreader, then the breakage of the mast is a consequential loss. This is not covered by many insurance policies.

Obligations of the insured person

Anyone who signs an insurance contract undertakes to observe certain rules of conduct in the event of a claim. The two most important: immediate notification obligation and loss mitigation measures.

Many policyholders fail to report a loss immediately to their insurance company. Practical example: A customer reports a grounding. The expert also finds damage due to an earlier grounding which the owner considered too minor to report. Now it has to be calculated which damage is old and which is new. It is not always clear whether a damage is bad or how consequential damage can be avoided. Therefore, you should always contact the insurance company immediately. Simply doing nothing is the worst possible decision.

Efficiency of the insurance partner

What an insurer can really do is unfortunately only revealed when it may already be too late. Not every insurance company is really available 24/7 in case of a claim or knows the local conditions. Without an appropriate infrastructure in the area of claims handling, the smallest repair becomes a test of patience for the customer. Owners should therefore inform themselves about the efficiency of the claims department before signing a contract. If, for example, the claims department has been outsourced to a third party. The last thing skippers want to experience in the event of a claim is a phone call to an overburdened call centre.

Pantaenius maintains a network of more than 35,000 contacts to protect its clients, who can help in emergencies even in the most remote areas. The in-house claims department works 365 days a year and is available 24 hours a day.

Last but not least

No one can avoid reading the insurance conditions. The policyholder should pay attention to at least four aspects:

  • Subject matter: What is insured where and against what?
  • Exclusions: What is not insured?
  • Obligations: What obligations does the insured person have?
  • Insured value: What amount is paid out?
Out of the blue - lightning protection on yachts

While the use of lightning protection systems for buildings is widespread, it is still in its infancy in recreational boating. In contrast to commercial shipping or large yachts, which are built according to class guidelines, series-produced yachts generally do not have any in-built protection. There are no binding standards or guidelines for lightning protection systems on yachts, and therefore it is the owner’s responsibility to acquire the appropriate protective devices.

Boat Engines and Drives - The right maintenance and care is essential

Boat engines require a lot of care in order to keep them going steadily. Particularly older engines are often being neglected for any number of reasons. When the warranty period has expired, the compulsion to keep prescribed intervals of maintenance drops, as well. Some people rather prefer to invest in decorative repairs or new technical refinements than in maintenance and care of the engine.

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