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Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party boat insurance, as it is often called, provides cover for damages that the owner, guests or crew have caused against a third party in conjunction with the use of the vessel.

Your benefits

Reliable all-round protection

Personal injury, as well as material and financial damage, are covered. This also applies to claims by crew members, for example against the skipper or against other crew members.

Nothing to gain from the other party?

If a third party is guilty of damaging your vessel, but you cannot recover any costs, e.g. due to the other party’s insolvency, our yacht liability conditions cover this.

Rescue action

If you accidentally activate one of your rescue systems, e.g. EPIRB, GMDSS, Pantaenius will reimburse the search and rescue action.

Skipper liability

If you already have liability insurance with Pantaenius, you are also automatically insured for liability as the skipper of a charter yacht.

More benefits

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Pure regatta fun
Defence against unjustified claims
Additional sports equipment
Water pollution
Impounded yacht

Pure regatta fun

Our yacht liability insurance covers regatta risks as Standard.

Additional sports equipment

Damage arising from the use of dinghies and watersports equipment belonging to the vessel is also insured.

Impounded yacht

If your yacht is seized by order of the authorities, Pantaenius will cover the bail up to DKK 750.000.

Defence against unjustified claims

Legal defence against unjustified claims for damages by third parties is also automatically included.

Water pollution

Damage arising, for example, from water contamination, including groundwater, is covered.


I have sold my boat. What happens with my policies?


If you have sold your boat, please inform us immediately by sending us a purchase agreement or transfer certificate by post or by email. Your policies will then be cancelled and settled upon transfer of ownership.

Can the purchaser take over the policies?


The policies cannot be transferred directly to the new owner but we can provide the new owner with new policies. 

Can I lend my boat to friends?


Yes.  Pantaenius liability insurance covers the policyholder, the owner, the captain, crew and anyone who is on board with the permission of the policyholder or the owner. This also applies to the use of dinghies and the undertaking of sports, as long as such activities happen in connection with use of the yacht.

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