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Frequently asked questions

After Cyclone Debbie hit Far North Queensland in 2017 the insurance requirements for pleasure crafts have changed.

Climate change is a significate factor that all Insurers are working hard to assess and manage. Forecasters predict that we will see an increase in the number of Tropical Storms that will impact the Australian coast in the coming years and with this in mind we have been asked to look at ways we can minimise the impact of storm damage on our insured risk particularly in North QLD, where we have offered cover for Named Tropical Storms in the past.

Pantaenius will continue to offer NTS cover going forward, and to be able to do this we have now modified the requirements that our insured must comply with to maintain this cover.

To maintain NTS cover our insured must complete and comply with the new Named Tropical Strom Contingency Plan. This plan is based around the already comprehensive requirements that the QLD Government has adopted for Maritime safety for Extreme weather conditions, specifically Named Tropical Storms.

Details of the requirements can be found at : https://www.publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/maritime-safety-extreme-weather-contingency-plans

Please note that the storm plans may vary from location to location. The attached contingency plan apply to all vessel up to 80 Feet LOA, (Length overall). All vessels greater than 80 feet LOA must submit a Tropical Storm Plan that sees them relocate their vessel away from the impact zone of a Named Tropical Storm.

Named Tropical Storm Requirements

Does Pantaenius offer Named Tropical Storm cover in Far North Queensland?


Yes, if your vessel is secured as required in the Pantaenius Named Tropical Storms Clause.

Can Pantaenius clients stay in FNQ all year round?


Yes, Pantaenius can cover vessels in FNQ throughout the year.

Can Pantaenius offer cover for vessels permanently kept on a swing mooring in North Queensland?


NO. Pantaenius is unable to offer cover for vessels kept permanently on swing moorings North of Gladstone.

How much extra does it cost to leave my vessel in a marina in Queensland during Cyclone season?


If you are cruising Queensland waters and require Named Storm cover, you can expect to pay approximately 10% more premium/p.a.

What is the excess with Pantaenius if my vessel is damaged by a Named Tropical Storm?


The deductible / Excess is as detailed in the Pantaenius Named Tropical Storm Clause.

Your storm cover in Australia South explained


See here for details.

Does Pantaenius require a survey report to insure my vessel?


If your vessel is well maintained and in a seaworthy condition, Pantaenius can offer cover. For boats older than 6 years we will require a recent satisfactory out of water survey report of your vessel.

Does Pantaenius comprehensive cover meet Marina requirements?


Yes it does.

Please carefully read the policy documents to ensure that the cover provided is right for you!  Please note that the Pantaenius Named Tropical Storms Clause is an integral part of the Pantaenius Hull Insurance Contract and it takes precedence over the Yacht Hull Clauses.


Please call our team if you have any questions or concerns over the revised NTS requirements on:

Sydney: (02) 9936 1670

Gold Coast: (07) 5649 6622

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