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Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance

Third party boat insurance, as it is often called, provides cover for damages that the owner, guests or crew have caused against a third party in conjunction with the use of the yacht or boat.

Your benefits

Vessel Arrest

Pantaenius will cover security payments of up to 150,000 AUD if your yacht is arrested by order of the authorities.

Uninsured Boater

If crew or guests get hurt by the negligence of a third party but they are unable to meet their liabilities for the injury, your Pantaenius policy will automatically provide cover. The damage to your yacht will be covered under the hull insurance.

Activation of rescue systems

Unintentionally activated your EPIRB distress system? If you incur any liabilities for search and rescue costs, they are covered by your Pantaenius policy.

Skipper Liability

If you have a Pantaenius third party liability policy, it will automatically cover you worldwide to use a borrowed or chartered yacht (does not apply to Companies or Clubs).

Worldwide Marina Requirements

Your Pantaenius third party insurance meets the mandatory entry requirements for marinas, moorings and shipyards worldwide.

More benefits

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Unjustified claims
Additional sports equipment
Water pollution
Scope of cover
Claims of crew and passengers


With Pantaenius, participation in regattas is covered up to 250 nm as standard under your liability policy.

Additional sports equipment

Liabilities arising from the use of dinghies and water sports equipment in association with your yacht are automatically insured. Water skiing and wakeboarding included.

Scope of cover

Your liability policy covers death or personal injury of third parties, damage to property belonging to third parties and financial losses of third parties, caused by your negligence.

Unjustified claims

If a third party unjustly blames you for damage or injury, your Pantaenius policy will pay the costs of your defence.

Water pollution

Your legal liability for damage arising from water pollution up to 1,000,000.00 AUD including ground water are covered.

Claims of crew and passengers

Claims between unpaid crew members or passengers are also insured, e.g. a crew member injured due to the negligence of the Skipper.

Yacht Liability Insurance: Essential for All Boat Owners

Yacht liability insurance is very important as a part of your comprehensive boat insurance to ensure nothing impinges on your, your guests, and your crew’s marine pleasure time. This insurance provides you with the peace of mind that you will be protected from the liability and financial risk of the accidental loss or damage to persons, property, and assets of a third party. Ultimately, Pantaenius‘ comprehensive third-party yacht insurance leaves you with the freedom to enjoy the time spent on your yacht with your guests including diving, fishing or just cruising in the beautiful waters of Australia, New Zealand, and all other parts of the world. If you don’t want your watercraft to turn into your biggest liability – please call us to talk to the team at Pantaenius about your particular boat insurance needs!

Features of Pantaenius‘ Specialized Yacht Liability Insurance

Boat liability cover with Pantaenius also protects you from damages that may result from the use of sports equipment or watercraft associated with your boat. This includes waterskiing gear, dinghies, tenders, jet skis, and para-sailing equipment. Racing cover is included as part of your standard liability coverage for a distance of up to 250nm. Please see the product disclosure statement for a full list of conditions and further explanation of the other items included as part of your yacht liability insurance with Pantaenius. Contact us to receive your third-party boat insurance online quote or call us if you have further questions regarding Pantaenius‘ yacht liability insurance or all the other products such as our comprehensive Yacht Hull!

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