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Frequently asked questions

We do everything to keep our products transparent and our service convenient. Sometimes, however, questions remain open. Here, we have put together the most frequently asked ones.

I have sold my boat. What happens with my policies?


If you have sold your boat, please inform us as soon as possible by sending us a purchase agreement or transfer certificate by email to info@pantaenius.com.au. Your policies will then be cancelled and a refund will be issued based on the date of the sale.

Can the purchaser take over the policies?


The policies cannot be transferred.  In the case of existing yacht hull insurance/yacht liability insurance, temporary insurance cover is provided to the purchaser for one month from the date of transfer of ownership. For hull insurance, cover will be provided up to the limit of the previous agreed fixed value. The purchaser will also receive an insurance recommendation, so they can take out new policies.

How is my trailer co-insured?


Tax-exempt sports trailers with a green registration number are automatically co-insured with the towing vehicle. If the trailer is not coupled to a vehicle and the trailer causes damage to a third party, the owner of the trailer is personally liable. For an additional premium, this trailer can be included in the yacht liability insurance. If you wish to register a trailer that is subject to compulsory insurance (black registration number), you will need an EVB number (electronic confirmation of insurance). This is issued by your vehicle insurer or by our colleagues at Pantaenius Versicherungsmakler GmbH at www.pantaenius.eu.

Can I lend my boat to friends?


Yes.  Pantaenius liability insurance covers the policyholder, the owner, the captain, crew and anyone who is on board with the permission of the policyholder or the owner. This also applies to the use of dinghies and associated the undertaking of sports, as long as such activities take place in connection with use of the vessel.

What are the notice periods?


Your insurance cover is provided for one year with a policy renewal offer being provided between 2-4 weeks before the policy end date. You can then elect to renew the policy or notify us that you wish to let the contract lapse. If no renewal offer can be provided by Pantaenius, you will be notified of such 2-4 weeks before your policy end date.

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