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New: Flexible coverage

It's easy to put together your own personal insurance package: After asking a few general questions about your planned charter, you can configure our insurances according to your wishes. All charter insurances can be booked individually or in combination.

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  • Duration of the trip from 1 to 60 days
  • For 1 - 16 crew members
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance for charter, travel and hotel costs
  • Entire boat or cabin charter
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Our charter insurance at a glance

More protection for the most beautiful time of the year thanks to market-leading insurance solutions especially for charters
Deposit insurance
Covers the full or partial retention of the deposit amount
  • Up to €20,000 deposit amount
  • Also unauthorised retention in case of damage to chartered yacht & dinghies
Travel Cancellation Insurance
Reimburses contractually owed cancellation costs for your charter in the event of cancellation and abandonment
  • For return travel costs & hotel costs
  • Cover in the event of insolvency of the charter agency for an additional charge
Skippers Liability Insurance
Covers the legal liability risks of skipper and crew
  • Coverage of € 5 or 10 million
  • e.g. grossly negligent damage to the boat or charter loss costs
Travel health insurance
Protects skipper and crew in the event of illness and covers return transport
  • Treatment and medicines
  • Return transport
Personal accident insurance
Protection in the event of disability or death due to an accident
  • For skipper and crew
  • Shore excursions up to 48h

Premium examples for your charter trip

RIB Short Trip
Enjoying the weekend with a boat for two
Relaxed cruising thanks to skipper's legal liability cover and 1,000 € deposit insurance
List of costs
Deposit Insurance73.19 €
Skippers Liability Insurance12.00 €
Total sum85.19 €
* Trip duration 2 days, boat length up to 15 m, skipper's liability insurance with 5 mio sum insured
Motor Boat Charter
A week of exploring the inland waters with four people
Secure planning thanks to 3,000 € cancellation and abandonment cover plus 1,000 € deposit cover as well as coverage for skipper and crew liability risks.
List of costs
Deposit Insurance90.89 €
Trip Cancellation Insurance102.92 €
Skippers Liability Insurance28.80 €
Total sum222.61 €
* Trip duration 8 days in July, boat length up to 15 m, Trip Cancellation Insurance incl. deductible
Regatta week
Around the tons with a crew of 6 in Greece
Full concentration on the essentials thanks to 6000 € travel insurance including flight costs, 3000 € deposit insurance, liability and accident cover for skipper and crew.
List of costs
Deposit Insurance401.18 €
Trip Cancellation Insurance230.54 €
Skippers Liability Insurance64.80 €
Personal Accident Insurance15.64 €
Total sum719.32 €
* Trip duration 8 days in May, Sailing yacht 15-20m inkl. Regatta Coverage, Skipper Liability Insurance with 10 mio sum insured
Caribbean Dream
14 days of letting go on the sailing cat
All-inclusive trip cover of 18,000 € including travel and hotel costs with no excess. Also covered: 5,000 € deposit, accidents, illness and liability risks for skipper and crew.
List of costs
Deposit Insurance623.63 €
Trip Cancellation Insurance819.14 €
Skippers Liability Insurance81.00 €
Travel Health Insurance54.62 €
Personal Accident Insurance33.05 €
Total sum1,605.72 €
* 15 days plus 4 days of hotel in June, Boat Lenght 15-20m, crew of 6, Skippers Liability with 5 Mio sum insured

Our charter insurance in detail

Deposit insurance


Deposit insurance covers the full or partial retention of the deposit amount by the charter company for damage that has occurred to the chartered boat, including the motor and dinghy. Whether justified or unjustified.

Available options: 

  • Deposit amount from €500 to €20,000, selectable in €500 increments.

Travel Cancellation Insurance


In the event of cancellation by the non-commercial skipper, one or more crew members, the travel cancellation insurance reimburses the contractually owed cancellation costs for charter and arrival and departure, as well as the additionally incurred return travel costs and pro rata charter costs in the event of interruption of the trip. If selected, additional accommodation costs immediately before or after the charter trip are also insured.

Available options:

  • Travel costs from € 1,000 to € 40,000, selectable in € 1,000 steps.
  • with or without excess
  • Additional cover against insolvency of the charter or travel provider. Please note that there is always a 10% excess within this additional insurance.

Skippers Liability Insurance


Skippers Liability Insurance provides cover for damage to third parties culpably caused by the skipper or crew through the use of the chartered boat and any dinghies. Damage caused to the charter vessel due to gross negligence and claimed e.g. via the hull insurance of the charter company is also included. Further components are: Charter loss cover, seizure cover, hotel and transport costs cover and financial losses.

Available options:

  • Sum insured of € 5 million or € 10 million applies for property damage and personal injury. Financial losses are always covered up to € 5 million.

Travel Health Insurance


In addition to the costs for medical treatment, medication costs and hospitalisation, the foreign travel health insurance reimburses the return transport of the patient to the home country as well as the repatriation costs in the event of death.

Personal accident insurance


Accident insurance offers protection in the event of death or disability, including numerous benefits that are not covered by general accident insurance. Skipper and crew are insured during private use of the charter yacht, dinghies and water sports equipment as well as during shore excursions of up to 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Why are the charter packages no longer to be found?


Pantaenius no longer offers the previous packages. You can now put together your own charter package tailored to your needs. This allows you to take out only the cover you need for the trip you are planning.

You only want to insure the deposit, but you also want to take out overseas travel health insurance? This was not possible in the past, but it is now possible.
You already have an annual policy for skipper's liability insurance? You do not need to take out this cover again.

What deadlines must be observed when booking charter insurance?


The deposit, skipper's liability, foreign travel health and accident insurance can be taken out or added at any time up to the contractual start of the charter trip.

The travel cancellation insurance can be taken out until the takeover of the boat if your charter contract was concluded within the last 21 days before the start of the charter.

In addition, travel cancellation insurance can always be taken out up to 30 days before the start of the charter.

Who can take out / not take out the insurance contract?


Charter insurance can only be taken out by an association (no commercial use) and by natural persons who have their permanent residence in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland. Persons with Italian residence can only take out insurance in Italian through Pantaenius GmbH in Monaco. Since Brexit, persons with permanent residence in the United Kingdom (UK) can unfortunately no longer take out charter insurance, but can be an insured person.

If you would like to take out a policy for an association, please contact us. Charter companies, charter agencies and commercial skippers cannot take out charter insurance in principle.

Our crew is not yet complete. Can we still take out our charter insurance already?


Yes, all additions, changes and deletions to the crew can be made online in your LOGIN as soon as they become known, but no later than departure, and the crew list can thus be updated.

What amount should we insure for travel cancellation insurance?


Add to the price for the charter (without running costs such as fuel, food, board cash etc.) the arrival and departure costs for each person to be insured.
Please add to this amount the costs for the overnight stays booked before or after the charter (hotel, holiday flat, etc.), should you also wish to insure these cancellation costs.

Do you have any further questions?


In our FAQ section we have compiled more frequently asked questions and answers about our charter insurances.

To the further FAQ

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