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We did indeed recommend Pantaenius to the buyers of our boat. Thank you to Pantaenius for your care and attention over the years.
Thank you Rosanna for confirming cancellation of my policy. Thankfully over the past 16 years all went well and I never had to put in a claim. Well done Pantaenius. Excellent work.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service throughout the 13 years we have owned and sailed our boat (with only one incident right at the start when I was still learning how to manoeuver her in a marina!) We have had a wonderful adventure sailing from the UK down into and then around the Mediterranean, always with the reassurance that you were providing us with good insurance in the event of a problem.
“It has always been a pleasure dealing with you in Plymouth.”
I would just like to thank you for the care and professionalism you have taken over the years I have been a customer, and should the need arise in the future I will come back to you for help.
I am very grateful for the yacht insurance you have provided for me since 1998. I always had complete confidence in the service you provide and found you most helpful on the few occasions I made any enquiries….
Thank you for making it so easy and personable to sort out the insurance. It seems a rare quality of companies and their staff these days, thank you.

Further Feedback



"Thank you for all your help whilst we owned the boat, the service from Pantaenius has been excellent."

"Your staff have been spot on and we are happy with the service that has been provided to us thus far. I would like to single out and make mention that a particular employee went beyond my expectations to try and work with me despite obstacles due to poor quality cell service (100% fault on my end) and timeframe barriers. Fiona McCracken represented your firm with great professionalism in a timely fashion that is rarely seen in today’s business world."

"My recent dealings with Pantaenius have been excellent and I appreciate the rapid resolution."

"Thank you for your excellent service. We have kept a boat in the Mediterranean for over 25 years and have always felt totally comfortable with your policy terms and cover."

"The service was excellent and met all my expectations."

"We have insured boats with you for many years and have found you very fair, reliable and knowledgeable."

"Simply - Many thanks to all at Pantaenius. I think we have insured several yachts/motor yachts with you from the early years of this century and I have to say it’s been a very happy, reliable and honest relationship. Full of respect, understanding and genuine helpfulness in meeting our insurance requirements over the years. We have always felt well supported by Pantaenius and that over the years has given us considerable peace of mind. We may yet have another smaller motorboat, if we do then we shall again be knocking on your door! So may your company enjoy fair winds, calm seas and excellent happy staff."

"Thank you for many years of support. If I buy another boat I will certainly be in touch."

"I regularly sing the praises of Pantaenius. You have served me really well over the years and I am grateful for the advice and service you have provided from time to time."

"Debbie & I have insured our boats with Pantaenius for the last 18 years and had never had to make a claim. A few weeks ago we were on a slip in the USA having dinner with a friend and were rammed hard by a motor boat who failed to negotiate a turn in 35 knots of wind. The owner was acting very strangely and fled when we called the police. Subsequent contact with him was very difficult and he basically accused us and our witnesses of lying about what happened. The whole event was very stressful for us until we contacted Pantaenius and Sandra took over as our claims handler. We seemlessly managed the communication challenge of an 8 hour time difference and she calmly advised us of our options and gave us sound advice on how to proceed. The last thing we wanted was to be stuck in harbour during our cruising summer hassling over fixing our damage. Sandra dealt with our claim speedily and professionally. She showed understanding of our situation and was knowledgeable about our policy terms and conditions. We had our repairs carried out by our preferred boatyard and were soon back in the water to enjoy our cruising. We’ve met other cruisers, insured with different providers, who have had protracted negotiations and delays in settling their claims. We highly commend Pantaenius based on our experience. Well done Sandra."

"I would like to thank Simon Firth who has helped work through a complicated claim on my behalf. He is professional, highly knowledgeable and super responsive."

"I have been very satisfied with the sevice from pantenius, you have made insuring easy. I would hapily give you a good write up on the sites you have mentioned but lm not that good on that sort of thing, l may be able to get my wife to do it."

"Thanks very much for the rapid service. All the time I was a customer at Pantaenius I always got correct and quick service. I can only recommend your company."

"Just to say I love being with Pantaenius, everything is so simple and clear with y’all, especially compared to some of the horror stories I hear from elsewhere in the insurance world."

"I recommended the new owner […] continue the insurance on as in my experience Pantaenius has been very fair and professional throughout, which nowadays is hard to find in any company."

"I really wanted to write a review as my experience after my last incident, which resulted in a claim, was exceptionally good. I can honestly say that in 30 years of experiences with insurance of cars and yachts with lots of different companies I have never had such courteous, quick, trouble free and easy service from an insurance company. Your employees dealing with me were exceptional and were an enormous credit to you."

"Thank you for your kind assistance on this my first ever claim on Insurance since 1976. Your assistance must be praised as it was first class. Certainly fair and reasonable. Thank you"

"Pantaenius Insurance has been prompt and diligent with all my enquiries and assisted me when I needed advice on insuring my boat and also with claims. The cost of insurance is reasonable and the peace of mind is invaluable. Their response to my claims has been professional and helpful at all stages."

"Had argument with a charted rock (missed a decimal point on the Chart Plotter) and lack of currently available facilities at the marina meant a delay hauling out for inspection (no cradle if a serious problem). Company kindly paid for inspection hold (no excess) so I was able to relax. Fortunately, no real damage."

"Excellent and speedy service in settling recent claim"

"We found that Pantaenius offered us a great combination of competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and an overall professional service."

"I have insured with them on and off over the last 20 years with 5 yachts. Sometimes not the cheapest on the market but check that you are comparing like for like products and cover. Their insurance was always more comprehensive. Will no doubt buy another yacht at some point and they will be first on my list to get a quote from."

"Absolutely first class service regarding damage caused to stern thruster by fishing rope. The team at Pantaenius could not have been more helpful and eliminated the stress out of making a claim."

"Nothing to complain about. I wish all insurer would work like Pantaenius."

"My thanks for all the work done by Sandra Henbest and quick response to my queries and final resolution."

"Patient and understanding, Pantaenius have been responsive and attentive throughout all our dealings."



"These Guys are really professional, offer good policy wording and promise excellent backup for the insured. Not cheap, but good."

"These guys are really good at yacht insurance for cruising sailors! If you are sailing the high seas, these are the people to ask for a quote. If you have a dock queen .....ok, you don't need them. But for yachts that go across oceans, they are a great insurer!"

"I have used Pantaenius for yacht Insurance for 8 years and always found them to good value. They were very helpful and efficient in the resolution of a recent claim."

"Thanks to all at Pantaenius ! everything was resolved without any stress.. appreciated!"

"Had amazing service when I had dinghy and outboard stollen of spanish beach. Thank you to everyone at pantaenius."

"Excellent service and support over 25 years."

"When I really needed them, they were there. Professional, courteous, sympathetic and helpful. I was given help and support from first contact and my claim was dealt with quickly and with without fuss. You couldn’t ask for anything better."

"Pantaenius is a great company to work with for boat insurance. I always found them very responsive and helpful. Thankfully we never had to file a claim but they were very prompt in handling adjustments and updates to our policy. I would highly recommend them."

"I found dealing with Pantaenius very straight forward but dealing with the other parties involved, tiresome, which held up my claim."

"We had a lightning strike in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. The assistance we received from Pantaenius was first class. This is my first claim ever since the 1975. While I have been involved with many claims as a marine surveyor. My personal and professional opinion remains the same. First Class Thank you."

"Friendly agents, competent admin, rapid simple claims processing; it has been a pleasure to insure my boat for the last 12 years."

"Excellent yacht insurance company."

"I 'm sailing for about 40 years. For the last ten years my insurance company is Pantaenius. My experience shows me the company is perhaps the best insurance company on the sea. First, Pantaenius always broadly interprets his duties in favor of the client. And secondly - Pantaenius comes to the rescue immediately. You often cannot quickly contact the company yourself, at sea this is not always possible, but Pantaenius will always help promptly. Being at sea you understand that Pantaenius will always help. If you choose an insurance company - Pantaenius is the best choice!"

"First class service from a first class organisation."

"Very responsive. In spite of the remote location, a surveyor was appointed within a few hours. The whole claims process was completed and settled with a minimum of hassle."

"Very impressed with the way that Pantaenius handled our claim, very professional, efficiencies of the highest order!"

"Excellent professional prompt service."

"Insured for 17+ years.. flexible and open to changes in cruising grounds as we moved around from the UK, into the Med and back via the Azores, without special conditions or additional premiums. When it came to it, a claim relating to an incident that had occurred just over a year before the resulting problem was recognised, was met without undue question."

"Been a customer for 20 years always given great customer service & advice when necessary.Time for us to sell & give up sailing thanks for support over the years."

"We are a small boat but we were treated like a super yacht. Pantaenius were quick to respond and walk me through the claims process answering any questions I had. They were quick to settle any bills and get us afloat as quick as possible."

"Thank you for your good wishes and for your patience over the last few months in dealing with our claim. I think you, and by association Pantaenius, have been exemplary in this. I now go about singing both your praises!"

"I will say you and Pantaenius have been excellent and due to this have decided to insure again with you this year. I’m not sure how you are able to accept feedback and how I pass it on but if this email suffices please accept as my 5* rating for excellent customer service, prompt response and keeping me informed throughout. Although it’s been frustrating at times waiting for parts and getting the work done none of this has been in Pantaenius control and your patience has made the whole situation much more palatable."

"You've been great, thanks for all your help. Definitely recommending Pantaenius to everyone."

"I have had fantastic sailing adventures over the years, all of which I will remember. As for your company, I have nothing but praise. I have been with your company for all of my sailing time here in the UK and have had nothing but total help and support from you and will recommend you, should anyone ask me for a recommendation."

"The grounding of our sailing boat after Storm Franklin was a traumatic experience for us. We must state that the response of you, your company Pantaenius and your representative in Ireland was commendable. From the moment we reported the event the reply was caring and considerate. Thanks to Pantaenius, we look forward to sailing this season."



"Over the many years that I have been insured with Pantaenius I have been most impressed with the quality of the service I have enjoyed."

"I would like to thank you for your assistance with this matter. From beginning to end this claim has been handled speedily and professionally and I happily will recommend Pantaenius to anybody who is looking to insure their boat."

"Once again thank you so much for the way you have handled this claim. We will certainly make sure we pass on our very positive experience to our fellow sailors. It is always possible to get cheaper insurance quotes but what really counts is knowing that the cover you buy is a good comprehensive one and that the insurer will stand by you if you need to make a claim on the policy. You and Pantaenius have been wonderful."

"Can I just thank you again for all your personal support and for the support from Pantaenius with this claim. We have sailed so many miles and never had a grounding or any other claim before. We weren’t too sure what to expect in the claims process but have been really pleased with the customer experience. All delays have been at this end/with the repairer rather than with Pantaenius. Everything has been very well explained throughout the process in respect of both what you needed from us and what we could expect from you. So all in all a very positive experience given the circumstances. Thank you."

"Now that matters are concluded this is just a brief line to say how grateful we are to Pantaenius for the manner in which you dealt with a very distressing period for us. As you clearly appreciated it was an emotional time for us….we are so relieved that we were with Pantaenius and can now move on."

"Great, thanks for such a quick response. Also, your stand at the boat show was one of the most helpful, informative and fun we visited, kudos to all who were manning the stand!"

"The assistance from everyone at Pantaenius during the transportation has been much appreciated, thank you."

"My experience with Pantaenius over the last 5 years has been excellent. Many thanks and if we decide to go back to the sea again I'll be in touch."

"Fantastic service…you’ve answered all my questions."

"I was involved in a very minor, no damage incident with another boat. However, the other owner tried to claim for major damage…..I found the false claim against me frustrating, unnerving and surprisingly stressful. I was therefore truly thankful to Simon who acted so effectively and decisively. He also dealt with the other owner in a direct and unequivocal manner which led to the issue being totally resolved in two days. Outstanding service."

"I’ve had 4 yachts insured with you in the last 15 years and although I’ve never tested you ‘in anger’ with a claim, the customer services with Pantaenius is always as excellent - thank you."

"Although you are not the cheapest insurance in town, I did decide to stay with you as I was persuaded that you offer a better level of cover than many other providers. My experience was that when I needed insurance, you acted very professionally and empathetically, and delivered your side of the bargain - true to your promise. You personally have been excellent to deal with - prompt and helpful - you have followed up professionally and at the right intervals."

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Julie and yourself and your colleagues for excellent service while my policy was with Pantaenius UK."

"Thank you! You have been a great insurance company to deal with and I make a point of recommending you to friends whenever I can."

"Thanks for all of your great service over many years and I would most certainly recommend you to anyone seeking a serious cruising policy."

"Thank you for your excellent service over the last fifteen years."

"Thank you so much for the way you have dealt with my claim. I have been finding coming to terms with what has happened difficult and, I admit, was not looking forward to the insurance claim process. However you have helped to make the process as straight forward as possible and I actually found writing out what happened very useful for myself. Pantaenius will certainly be at the top of my calling list when I am ready to insure my next yacht."

"I would like to thank you for your excellent service over the last 9 years."

"Thank you so much for your help in this matter. It is with great sadness that my boat has been sold and I want to thank you all at Pantaenius for being such a brilliant organisation. Will definitely be with you again if I ever get another vessel and won’t hesitate to recommend you."

"Thank you for your help and wonderfully fast turnaround. Just another example of how people make Pantaenius what it is...... Brilliant. Excellent service and delivered with personality!"

"I have been very happy with your company and the level of expertise."

"I must, thank Pantaenius, for excellent service for the last 34 years and over 70,000 sea miles in Moon Boots, I was very sorry to see her go."

"During the time I have been insured with you, I have been very impressed with your integrity. Once again, thank you."

"Thank you for your efficient help over our years of ownership. I was drawn to Pantaenius because of your reputation for paying claims but in fact your premiums were always competitive."

"You’ve always been excellent with service, and when I purchase my new boat next year I’ll certainly be back to you."

"Once again the same excellent service which we have enjoyed over the last 26 years."

"Finally thank you for insuring my yacht and the very helpful advice and service I have received over many years. I would never contemplate insuring a vessel with anyone else but you and hope to advise you of a new vessel to insure but I will wait until the spring when hopefully the Covid position will have improved."



"Pantaenius have been such an excellent service provider I would like to recommend you to the new owner."

"Thank you for very efficient service over many years."

"Can I just thank you for your patience and understanding in relation to this claim. We are happy that we maintained our policy through Pantaenius as the claim has been dealt with efficiently and professionally. Thanks once again."

"I would like to also thank you for such great and swift service, it is rather impressive."

"Thank you so much for your excellent service. Not having been at the boat for 10 months due to the travel restrictions was bad enough, but then to turn up and find the outboard stolen was a bit annoying. We have travelled in Greece for many years and never had a problem but its good to know that when something does happen the insurance works."

"Thank you for your prompt response. I would like to say that we have been very pleased with the service we have received during our time dealing with your company."

"It has been a pleasure and reassuring having Pantaenius support during our long cruising life - your company staff have always been helpful, friendly, professional and efficient."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have dealt with us over the years. We have come to think of Pantaenius more as a friend than just an insurer."

"Would you mind conveying my thanks all of the team I have spoken with at Pantaenius – I have received a really excellent service and am very happy to be with you."

"We are very interested in getting yacht insurance with Pantaenius. We have a few friends who use you and only hear good things about your company."

"Finally, I would like to thank Pantaenius for their support and in comparison to other sailor friends it seems this is the insurance to be with. I hear of other horror stories."

"We were very happy with the service provided by Pantaenius and our next boat will certainly be insured by you."

"I’d like it known that Pantaenius have been exceptional. I’ve used you for three yachts and whilst you aren’t the cheapest, your exceptional customer service makes you the best value. I’ll always advocate you, and always come back to you."

"Thank you all, for being there “just in case” for all these years; and for being so supportive when we needed you. Thank you for your good wishes, I’ll miss you. I wish you, and the company, all the very best for the future."

"Thank you so much for your help in these very difficult times. I hope you and your colleagues remain safe and well."

"How lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words, and best wishes. Yes, it certainly has been a long association and I’ll miss dealing with the really helpful, friendly and efficient people who make up the UK organisation. Sending you and the team my very best wishes."

"Thank you… for all your help in this matter. Your service has been excellent throughout and it has been so simple and easy to deal with you Neither of us wants a claim like this but if we had to give this experience being insured by Pantaenius U.K. has been a first rate experience."

"I will be in touch if and when I get another boat. Thank you all for the many years of excellent insurance and help/ advice."

"Once again thank you for your prompt attention to my e-mail. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."



"I'd like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am by the courteous and efficient way everyone at Pantaenius dealt with me."

"I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working with you as well - you dealt with our queries on a timely basis and were always helpful. We will certainly be in contact with you again should one of our clients require yacht insurance in the future."

"Many thanks, excellent service, much appreciated."

"As and when I purchase a new yacht I will definitely turn to Pantaenius for insurance. The quality of your service over the past 16 years has been outstanding."

"Thank you once again for the very friendly and flexible way you have assisted me in obtaining cover."

"Such a pleasure to deal with your company as always."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional way in which you have dealt with my claim. No one ever wants to find themselves in a position were they have to claim on their insurance policy and this was the first and hopefully the last time I will need to do so. I choose Pantaenius for their reputation in the industry and now having first hand experience in dealing with yourself and the company I have not been disappointed. Everything has been dealt with in a first class way, from the first contact, organising the surveyor, local support and through to the way in which you have patiently dealt with the various individual items and repairs. My sincere thanks to you and your team at Pantaenius."

"Thank you as usual for the friendly and efficient customer interaction - you always make the paperwork process seem so easy."

"Be assured that when we buy another yacht we will be straight back to Pantaenius in the mean time I have recommended the new owner…..Many thanks both for the years of service and for the refund."

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire team at Pantaenius for you excellent service over the last eleven years."

"…your company has an excellent reputation."

"Thank you for the excellent service over the years and I will contact you for my next long voyage."

"Please pass on my thanks to your team for the excellent service I have received over the last few years."

"Excellent service from Pantaenius, as usual."

"We have been very satisfied with Pantaenius and will recommend your services and use you again if we acquire a new boat."

"I don’t have an issue with the increase in price, I think you provide a fantastic level of service…I will be recommending Pantaenius to whomever buys the boat."

"I was very pleased with the service I received from Pantaenius and would happily recommend the company to others."

"I have been very happy to have been insured with Pantaenius for many years with a variety of yachts and have only praise for the service I have received."

"Thank you for your assistance over the years…… your service has been fantastic and I will certainly be back in touch when I whenever I might own a yacht again in the future."

"Wow amazing service! Thanks Emma. I am very impressed with your quote system. The flexibility of your company. And your personal ability to understand my requirements. I went to five other insurance companies and couldn't get to anything like this level of detail after long conversations. I will be coming back to you guys when I have my boat sorted!"

"Could I also say a huge thank you to everyone at Pantaenius for all the help and support as well as covering the expense of repairing our new (old) boat that was damaged in April before she was even launched. Simon Firth was incredibly efficient and helpful on the day and continued to give us excellent support throughout the whole painful process. We really are massively appreciative of everything you did."

"I’d like to mention how well Pantaenius handled our claim. It was a real learning curve for us never having claimed for anything in our lives and really didn’t have a clue about claiming rituals. Pantaenius looked after us financially and held our hands through the process which was a great relief."

"I’d like to thank you and Pantaenius Group for the professionalism, good follow up and quick response to my claim, really a good job. I’ll more than recommend you."



"Thanks for your help on this. After 10 years it was an informative exercise to compare a number of policies and it is clear that your policy remains the most owner friendly and worth the higher premium…"

"Thank you so much for dealing with my request so promptly. First class customer service!"

"We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that after 40 years of insuring sailing yachts, Pantaenius have truly excelled in the handling of our insurance policy and in particularly this claim and your support is unparalleled. We will not hesitate to recommend you highly enough to other sailors."



"Thank you for your note and top class service over the years! As regards our next boat we will take a while to decide our next move. If it involves a new boat you can be sure we will call Pantaenius."

".... I must say you have been a tremendous support and I have been promoting your services whenever I get the chance."

".... I appreciate your patience with this claim and I would like to add that I am impressed with your professionalism. You’re a true example of why Pantaenius has a stellar reputation in the yachting business."

"I would like to compliment the Pantaenius team on the efficient and understanding way that they handled the claim and the rescue operation. It certainly made a very stressful situation much more bearable."

".... I would just like to take the opportunity to thank yourself and your team for the professional help and support I received in dealing with the very difficult situation I found myself in after Hurricane Irma."

"Thanks for all your help sorting out the claim. It has been straightforward and easy dealing with Pantaenius. This has helped reduce the stress sorting all this out. In the best possible way I hope I do not need your services again anytime soon although the knowledge we have a great insurance company with first class professional service behind us is reassuring...."

".... we cannot thank you enough for sorting this out so quickly and professionally. When we hit something and saw the gearbox/propshaft we were concerned it would mean using our small contingency fund, but have been so impressed with Pantaenius. It means we can continue sailing and we have not had to stress about the situation...."



"Fortunately, in our 15 year relationship with Pantaenius we never had to make a claim – but I am sure that it would have been handled professionally, like all the other services you have provided. I will happily recommend you to sailors in my region."

"Many thanks in anticipation of your continued assistance. May I say that I have enjoyed being a customer of Pantaenius for this last year and have nothing but praise for the professional yet friendly manner which is demonstrated by all your staff."

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the many, many years of excellent, knowledgeable and friendly service we have received."

"Thank you for the excellent service you have provided over the past eight years."

"Thank you for your cover….We have always felt safe with you."

"I really appreciate the flexibility of Pantaenius in ways like this…every interaction I have had with Pantaenius has been remarkable. The reasonableness, the great service, the flexibility. I am sure you hear this often, but wanted to add my voice to what I imagine is a large chorus of satisfied customers."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your kind help, advice and most efficient services over the years always delivered in a most polite, cheerful and helpful manner."

"... I would like to thank you especially and the others at Pantaenius for your professional assistance in completing the claim in a very efficient and friendly way. I think we have all heard the saying ‘that you never know how good an insurance company is, until you have to make a claim.’ I can now completely agree with this and would fully recommend Pantaenius to anyone."

"It has been a pleasure dealing with you over my claim issue and they say that an insurance company is only as good as its claim process – in this case you have passed with flying colours."

"May I say what a pleasure it has been dealing with Pantaenius…I bless the day that I went with Pantaenius when I first purchased a new boat."

"My first claim for many years and expected it to be painful. I could not have been more wrong. The whole process was unbelievably easy, dealing with human beings applying common sense with a professional service."

"Totally, and very happily surprised with the excellent claims service. Never thought a claim could be handled in such a professional way with everything explained to me from the beginning when I first reported the loss. I had heard that Pantaenius were good when you had a claim and this just confirms that Pantaenius is really excellent."

"Absolutely brilliant and not at all like an insurance company."

"The total support and dealing with the claim was a great relief in traumatic circumstances. The accurate and speedy follow up was comforting."

"Superb support and customer service throughout. The experience has confirmed the validity of all the reasons why I switched to Pantaenius some 12 years ago."

"I have always received extremely efficient service from Pantaenius and this claim was no exception. It is a great company to deal with in these days when so many insurance companies shirk their responsibilities by hiding behind the small print."



"Every time we have dealings with you guys, all of you are always most prompt and efficient. We had a claim last year and could not believe how efficient you guys were. It takes all the pain and stress away in these types of dealings. And believe me we have sung your praises long and loud to all our cruising friends."

"I would like to thank you and your company for the service I receive with regards to the recent problems with the Greek’s change in law regarding insurance limits. Having phoned you from Greece…we received the required updated certificate almost immediately, meaning we could get on with our holiday without delay, excellent service."

"Thank you. I wish all companies were like you!"

"Thanks. Superb service as always."

"Thank you… Efficient as always."

"Many thanks for this prompt response. The service you have provided over the years has been excellent and if I do ever own another yacht, I would look no further than to insure with Pantaenius."

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