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Pantaenius Motor Yacht Insurance – What is Included?

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Agreed Fixed Value
Wide Range of Excess Free Claims
The Most Comprehensive All Risks Cover
Wear and Tear
Corrosion and Electrolysis
New for Old
Additional War, Strike And Confiscation Cover
Higher Limits for Breakdown Assistence

Agreed Fixed Value

An Agreed Fixed Value policy including a fixed sum insured. Sum paid in case of total loss claim.

The Most Comprehensive All Risks Cover

An All Risks policy providing greater protection for your motor yacht including cover for sea transport and the transit of parts worldwide.

Corrosion and Electrolysis

Cover for loss or damage to your motor yacht resulting from electrolysis or corrosion, with only the failed part excluded.

Additional War, Strike And Confiscation Cover

Covers emergency assistance and towage as standard, up to £10,000.

Wide Range of Excess Free Claims

Motor Yacht Cover Plus includes some of the most common claims such as theft following violent and forcible entry, fire, emergency towing, total loss, collision whilst moored or at anchor all settled with no access applied.

Wear and Tear

Cover for loss or damage to your motor yacht resulting from wear and tear, only the failed part are excluded here.

New for Old

Motor yacht insurance for parts and materials less than 10 years of age included as standard. 

Higher Limits for Breakdown Assistence

Covers emergency assistance and towage as standard, up to £10,000.

Your Individual Motor Yacht Insurance: Request a Quote Today!

At Pantaenius, we know our trade: After all, we have been providing insurance solutions for over 50 years. Today, we are Europe’s leading boat und yacht insurance specialist, proudly offering comprehensive cover including our market leading All Risks Hull cover and a Third Party Liability policy. Our team is happy to help you – whether you would like to report a claim or have general questions. Getting a quotation is easy: Simply complete our online enquiry form and leave the rest to us!


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Do I Really Need Insurance For My Motor Yacht?

Never go on the water without it: Yacht insurance is all about protecting yourself and your vessel against the unexpected. Accidents with your boat can quickly turn into an actual financial burden – better make sure to protect yourself from thoses costs! However, choosing the right boat insurance is not easy. Pantaenius is here to help you understand which insurance for your motor yacht is vital. Generally speaking, similar to our different types of sailing yacht insurance, we recommend both a motor yacht hull insurance and a motor yacht Third Party Liability Insurance to protect yourself from the costs of both damage to your vessel and damage to a third party. 

Insurance for Motor Yacht Owners: The Most Important Policies

Motor Yacht Hull Insurance

A Hull Insurance Plus Cover protects you from possible expenses caused by damage to your motor yacht – therefore being one of the two most important boat insurance types available to vessel owners. It provides cover for a wide range of possible damage including a motor yacht’s equipment, machinery and hull. Before settling for a certain insurance, you should always familiarize yourself with the exact conditions, especially regarding any possible exclusions. Our insurance specialists are also here to help you fully understand every small detail.

In this context, any responsible vessel owner should take extra precautions in taking good care of the vessel in general: It is advisable, for example, to replace any part of your motor yacht that is likely to fail any time soon due to condition or age. The reason for this: Motor yacht insurances usually exclude anything that can be prevented or anticipated – thus regular inspection and timely replacement of certain parts being necessary.

Motor Yacht Third Party Liability Insurance

A Third Party Liability Insurance provides cover for financial burdens caused by accidental injury or damage to a third party. This policy is not a mandatory requirement. However, we recommend that you take out this insurance. Even when stored away in the winter or during transportation, there is always a certain risk of third party damage concerning your motor yacht for which you may be held liable. Also, many local authorities insist upon a Third Party Liability Insurance. The policy is also advisable because it often includes skipper liability, extending this motor yacht insurance for the policyholder skippering a borrowed or chartered motor yacht.

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