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Pantaenius Marine Liability Insurance – What Is Included?

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Liability Cover For Everyone

The Pantaenius policy covers your legal liabilities for property damage, death and injury, including the liabilities of your crew.

Water Pollution

Your legal liability for water pollution and environmental damage is covered under your Pantaenius policy.

Watersports (Including Diving)

Your legal liability towards those engaged in watersports from your yacht is covered, and also their and your liability towards anyone in the water.

Skipper Liability

An extension to cover your personal liabilities when you are using a borrowed or chartered yacht.

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Welcome to the experts: As one of the UK’s leading boat insurance specialists, we provide one of the most comprehensive marine insurance on the market, designed for all types of vessels and circumstances and protecting you from financial risks resulting from various occurences. Discover our flexible and reliable cover and join more than 100,000 boat owners who already rely on our expertise!

Marine Third Party Insurance: Cover for Legal Liabilities

Third Party Liability insurance shouldn’t be confused with Professional Indemnity or Public Liability insurance both of which provide insurance cover if you are a business working with the public, for an example a Marine Surveyor.

In marine insurance, liability is not always easily determined. It is necessary to demonstrate negligence to the extent that a court of law would be able to attribute legal liability. Of course, this does not mean that all claims for liability would or should get to court! But it does mean that, even though someone else’s boat or property may have been damaged, or someone may have been injured, in an accident involving your boat, it may not legally be your liability. Our seasoned insurance experts are happy to advise you in choosing the right form of protection for you and your vessel!

Do I need Third Party Liability Insurance?

Here at Pantaenius we recommend taking out, as a minimum marine third party liability insurance as compensating a third party for injuries or damage can be an expensive business.

You will also find that it is a requirement of many local authorities and marinas that, to use their mooring facilities, you must have a minimum of marine third party liability insurance in place.

Even when in storage in the winter and during transport to the storage location there are risks of third party damage for which you, as the yacht owner, may be held liable. It is therefore important to have a liability policy in force, indeed most yards will insist upon it.

The majority, but by no means all, of insurers include liabilities to third parties in the same policy as the hull insurance. Pantaenius offers a separate Marine Third Party Liability Insurance policy, which can be taken in association with a Hull Insurance policy. Keeping the Third Party Liability Insurance policy separate means that claims on the one policy should not affect the premium or conditions on the other.

Benefits Of This Cover:

Please see our overview of components our marine third party insurance has to offer above. Further benefits include:

  • No policy excess (deductible).
  • Cover for scuba diving, unless not properly qualified, supervised or if equipment is not serviceable.
  • Wreck removal costs, for which are legally liable.  

Why not get an insurance quote for your yacht or discuss your insurance requirements with us? The Pantaenius crew is happy to assist!

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