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Frequently asked questions

Ensuring skippers are informed and understand what level of insurance they require we have put together some frequently asked questions:

Does this insurance cover me for damage I cause to the yacht I am skippering?



If this insurance does not cover me for damage I cause to the yacht I am skippering, then what is it for? I do not understand?


It is important to note that the Skipper Third Party Liability policy is a contingent liability cover only, designed to cover those personal liabilities a skipper may incur through use of a yacht they do not own and for which the yacht’s own liability insurance somehow fails to respond.  It does not cover damage caused to the yacht you are skippering and it is not a skipper’s Professional Indemnity policy. In layman’s terms think of it as a yachting equivalent of a “driving other cars extension” that you might sometimes find on a motor insurance policy, i.e., under a driving other cars extension you would have third party liability cover while driving another car that you did not own, but there would be no cover for loss or damage to the driven vehicle, nor any liability you may face to the car’s owner for loss or damage to their vehicle.  Where our Skipper Third Party Liability policy comes into play is; if the yacht’s third party liability policy somehow fails to respond when a third party pursues a liability claim against you as the skipper of the yacht, or if you are uncertain as to the existence or suitability of the yacht’s third party liability insurance.

I am a commercial skipper and I have been asked to deliver a yacht for a private client. I only need the insurance for 1 week. Do you have a policy that will insure me, the crew and the yacht?


Unfortunately, we do not offer Professional Indemnity cover for delivery skippers, nor offer cover for short term risks or one off voyages and we do not have a policy that covers delivery skippers for loss or damage to a skippered yacht that they do not own.

Normal practice when a yacht owner uses a delivery skipper is that the yacht owner would have the delivery skipper approved by their insurers. In doing so, any loss or damage to the yacht whilst in the care of a delivery skipper would be paid for by the yacht owner’s hull insurers in the usual manner under the terms of the hull policy, as if the yacht owner had been on board at the time of the incident.

The yacht owner’s third party liability policy should likewise respond for third party liabilities incurred whilst the yacht is in the hands of a delivery skipper. Where the Pantaenius Skipper Third Party Liability policy comes into play is; if the yacht’s third party liability policy somehow fails to respond when a third party pursues a liability claim against you as the skipper of the yacht, or if you are uncertain as to the existence or suitability of the yacht’s third party liability insurance.  You might like to discuss with your prospective yacht owning client the possibility of having your delivery voyage covered under the owner’s yacht insurance in the customary manner.  However, purchasing the Pantaenius Skipper Third Party liability policy will provide an additional layer of personal protection and serve as a safety net should you personally incur a third party liability, whilst skippering, that is not covered by the yacht’s policies.

I am a commercial skipper and I use yachts that I do not own to conduct courses or undertake paid work such as deliveries or running charters. Can you insure me?


Yes, if you select the commercial use option the cover can be available to you, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the policy. Please read the policy details carefully to ensure you understand what the insurance is and what it covers.

If I take out a Commercial Skipper Liability Insurance would it cover me also for private use or would I need a Private Skipper Liability policy in addition?


The standard Skipper Liability insurance policy is for private use only and excludes commercial use, unless commercial use has been agreed by insurers.  The commercial Skipper Liability policy is an extension of the standard private use only policy, to also include commercial use. Private use is therefore included within the commercial policy and you do not need to buy two policies.

I am seeking Skipper Third Party Liability Insurance for an upcoming trip. Can you give me a quote please?


The skipper liability product is only available for purchase online. It is not available over the telephone. You can use this link to access the relevant section of the Pantaenius UK website: https://www.pantaenius.com/uk-en/insurance/skipper-liability/ from here you can select the level of cover you require (there are options for different limits of liability, different sizes of vessel and for private or commercial use), create a user account, complete your purchase, make payment via card and then access your documents.

Can I change the policy details such as yacht size, limit of liability, cruising area or private/commercial use during the life of the policy?


No. It is an annual policy and mid term adjustments on a pro rata basis are not possible, so you will need to select at the outset the scope of cover that will meet your needs throughout the whole of the upcoming 12 month policy period.

Do you offer short term cover?


No. It’s a 12 month policy. Our underwriters do not offer single voyage cover or short term policies.

Can you summarise what is covered and what is not?


Please refer to the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for an overview of what is covered and not covered. The IPID can be found on our website https://www.pantaenius.com/uk-en/service/downloads/conditions-clauses/

For full details please refer to the policy Terms and Conditions. These can be found on our website by using the link above.

How much does the cover cost?


The cost of the insurance depends on the level of cover you select. There are options for different sizes of yacht, different limits of cover, private use only or commercial use and cruising areas of either Worldwide, or Worldwide excluding USA waters.  The prices are all listed on our website and include UK Insurance Premium Tax.

I do not live in the UK, can I be covered?


No. Unfortunately the policy is only available to UK domiciled policyholders.

Policyholders domiciled in other European countries, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland can only be insured under German law. If this applies to you, please click here and you will be forwarded to our Pantaenius Germany website.

I am trying to purchase Skipper Liability Insurance on your website but I cannot proceed?


Have you activated your Pantaenius user account? You should have received an account activation email. You will need to use the link within that email to activate your Pantaenius client login account in order to proceed.

I have activated my user account, entered my credit card details but have still not received any confirmation of payment or policy documents?


It sounds like you might have not successfully clicked the Buy Now button to complete your purchase.  If you have completed the purchase you will have received a payment receipt by email and policy documents would be available in your client login account on the Pantaenius website.  After activating your Pantaenius client login account and entering your card details, you need to click the Buy Now button to complete the purchase.

How can I pay for the insurance?


Payment is made solely online via the website using a debit or credit card.

Can I pay over the telephone?


No. Payment is online via the secure website payment only. We do not hold client’s card details and cannot take payment over the telephone.

I’ve purchased skipper liability insurance. How do I access my insurance policy?


You need to log into your Pantaenius client login account via our website. You can access your policy documents, the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), the Terms and Conditions and claim form there.

Why is the premium shown on my policy document lower than the premium on your website and on my receipt?


UK Insurance Premium Tax is applicable. The premium shown on the website and on your payment receipt includes UK Insurance Premium Tax, which we have to pay to the UK Treasury. The premium noted on your policy document is the net premium charged by the insurers without tax. Insurance Premium Tax is not shown on the policy document.

Why is a £50.00 administration fee charged for cancellations?


This is necessary in order to cover our costs in setting up and cancelling the insurance, so that it remains possible to continue to offer this insurance product in the future and at a competitive price.

How do I make a claim?


You can contact the Pantaenius UK office:


Email: claims@pantaenius.co.uk

In writing: Marine Building, 1 Queen Anne Place, Plymouth, PL4 0RF

By phone: +44 (0)1752 226612

In emergency: +44 (0)1752 601166 (out of hours only)


You can also access and download a claim form here:

Claim Forms

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