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Guidance on use of Lithium Ion Batteries on board

Mike Wimbridge, MD of Pantaenius UK, worked together with other industry experts in supporting British Marine’s drafting of their document “guidance on use of Lithium Ion Batteries on board.”


This guidance document provides general information to ensure that Lithium Ion batteries, and any items fitted with them, are used in as safe a way as possible.

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Don’t get it wrong – use a professional

The Installation of Lithium Ion batteries and battery systems should be carried out by competent persons, and to suitable industry standards.

Only use the right kit

Specific marine Lithium Ion batteries and electrical system components should be used, they are designed for the change in risk associated with installation in a marine environment.

Make sure they are stored correctly

Lithium-ion batteries should be installed and/or stored in a well-ventilated, dry area and should be away from direct sunlight, heat and water. They must also be protected from vibration. All battery system design should be done in a way that ensures all installed lithium-ion batteries are kept within the battery manufacturers specified safe operating limits.

Don’t mix and match

Different battery chemistries should not be connected in parallel or in series.

Have the right Fire protection system

Traditional firefighting systems may not work on Lithium Ion battery fires and so appropriate fire protection and firefighting systems must be installed.

Remove Damaged Batteries Immediately

Any batteries showing any form of damage must be removed from the vessel once identified, be they vessel systems or toys and accessories. Damaged lithium ion batteries have been known to combust.

Disconnect when finished charging

Do not leave equipment chargers on and charging when away from vessel and once the equipment is charged, switch it off .

Tell your insurer

If you install lithium ion batteries and/or battery systems on your vessel you must tell your insurer, or risk being left uninsured in the event of an incident.

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